Datapipe Is Now a Part of Rackspace

Rackspace Expands Managed Multi-Cloud Offerings with Datapipe Acquisition

More and more customers are looking to Rackspace for help managing multiple clouds across the globe. By incorporating the capabilities of Datapipe — one of the world’s leading providers of managed cloud and hosting services — into our family of multi-cloud solutions, Rackspace will be able to deliver more value for customers of all kinds, globally and at scale.

With this acquisition, Rackspace has become the world’s leading provider of:

Existing Datapipe customers now benefit from 24x7x365 access to expert support and additional capabilities across all the leading public and private clouds. This includes access to new service offerings, such as managed solutions for Azure® Stack, Google Cloud Platform and VMware® Cloud on AWS, as well as managed application services for ERP, Business Intelligence, Office 365® and more.

Existing Rackspace customers will gain access to new capabilities and pools of expertise. That includes our ability to serve public sector customers, software and tooling to better serve enterprise customers and access to data centers and services in new global markets (e.g., the West Coast of the U.S., Brazil, mainland China and Russia).

The acquisition of Datapipe also includes the companies Adapt, Layered Tech and GoGrid. For more information about the acquisition and the new capabilities available for existing Rackspace and Datapipe customers, see the press release.

Our customers are looking for help as they spread their applications across public and private clouds, managed hosting and colocation. With the acquisition of Datapipe, we’re very pleased to expand the multi-cloud managed services we provide our customers, while also opening doors to new opportunities across the globe.

Joe Eazor

CEO, Rackspace

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