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High availability without a long-term contract

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Cloud Load Balancer Pricing

Get high availability without committing to a long-term contract. We charge for each Cloud Load Balancer instance by the hour, plus concurrent connections. Then we add bandwidth charges starting at $0.12 per outgoing GB£0.0737 per outgoing GBA$0.15 per outgoing GB€0.1017 per outgoing GB. We don't charge for incoming bandwidth.

Per Instance $0.015/Hr
Per Instance + SSL $0.05/Hr
Concurrent Connections $0.015/Hr

Per instance — Billed at $0.015/hr£0.0093/hrA$0.0188/hr€0.0128/hr, metered in one-minute increments

Per instance with ssl — Billed at $0.05/hr£0.0307/hrA$0.0625/hr€0.0424/hr, metered in one-minute increments

100 Concurrent connections — Billed at $0.00015/hr£0.000093/hrA$0.000188/hr€0.000128/hr for each connection based on average utilization sampled every 5 minutes


Outgoing —Outgoing bandwidth usage for Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, Cloud Load Balancers, and Cloud Big Data is aggregated per account across all US regions. Tiered pricing applies to your total usage, so you pay less per GB the more you use.

Usage Price/GB
First 10TB $0.12
Next 40TB $0.10
Next 150TB $0.08
Next 300TB $0.07
Next 524TB $0.06

* These products are billed monthly.

Incoming & internal —No charge for incoming bandwidth, or for bandwidth within private networks (ServiceNet and Cloud Networks).

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