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Build a Direct Connection Between AWS and Rackspace

Designing AWS Direct Connect for Your Unique Business Requirements

Using AWS Direct Connect, you can establish a direct, dedicated network connection between your AWS environments and Rackspace global data centers. This gives you the flexibility and scalability you need to integrate, for example, your web and application tiers running on AWS with your high-performance databases hosted at Rackspace.

Our team will work with you to design a customized AWS Direct Connect architecture that addresses your specific requirements, and we’ll maintain it around the clock. Let us take care of all the details — including deployment, configuration, management and monitoring — so you can focus on your core business.

Rackspace are constantly developing and expanding out their AWS offering, and we are therefore able to do the same.

Matthew Barney

Head of Web Technology

Why Choose Rackspace?

Fast, Secure Connection

Bypass ISPs entirely, with a direct, high-speed network connection to AWS, plus the ability to add multiple connections when you need them.

24x7x365 Management & Monitoring

Let our AWS experts provide you with full planning, installation and support for AWS Direct Connect.

Global Connectivity

Our AWS Direct Connect enabled data center locations include New York Metro, Ashburn, VA, San Jose, Seattle, London and Singapore.

Managed Database Services

Turn to Rackspace managed database services for data protection, restore operations and storage options that begin at 100GB Tier 1 or Tier 2.

AWS Off-Site Data Backup

Protect your data with host-based, file-level backup that’s fully monitored and customized for your schedule.

Cloud Compatibility

Connect your Rackspace and on-premises environments with AWS Direct Connect using RackConnect® Global.

On Your Own With Rackspace
Procure and order AWS Direct Connect services
Procure colocation services
Procure, deploy, configure and manage networking equipment
Procure, deploy, configure and manage resources
Manage software licensing
Manage SLAs from 3 vendors (AWS, colocation, equipment vendors)
Monitor and manage solution 24x7x365
Refresh hardware and software updates continuously
CAPEX, OPEX, Labor One simple monthly price

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