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Growing complexities in the supply chain, changing nutritional trends and shifting requirements for maintaining strict food safety standards are putting pressure on companies across the food and beverage industry to improve operational efficiency and product quality. In response, they’re turning to the cloud to increase visibility, control and access to information needed to make rapid decisions and accelerate innovation.

We help food and beverage organizations enable, operate, and innovate in the cloud. From real-time data collection powered by artificial intelligence to computer vision quality control, we utilize the full spectrum of cloud capabilities to enable you’re able to address the challenges of today while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Use cases

AI and machine learning solutions to analyze your inventory, demand and external factors to more accurately predict supplies or schedule additional staff to manage the busy periods.

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Use connected solutions that streamline restaurant staff workflow, notifying them when beverage dispensers are close to empty, restrooms are untidy, or when tables become available.

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Operationalize massive amounts of data to quickly access and act on critical insights related to consumers, inventory, operations and product offerings.

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Take advantage of advanced cloud services to improve scalability, reliability and cost-efficiency while adding new capabilities to your legacy landscape of customized business systems, production software, ERP and more.

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Enable computer vision to detect food contamination, estimate freshness and grade quality with greater speed, objectivity and reliability than a traditional human inspector can.

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With AI, machine learning and data analytics services, you can make tailored recommendations, creating a more personalized dining experience based on the specific preferences of each customer.

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"We chose Rackspace as our cloud hosting partner to work with our own engineers to migrate an existing heavy data platform to a new environment across multiple regions. Rackspace’s global network allows us access subject matter experts whatever the time of day."

Don Meij, Group CEO and Managing Director, Domino's See the Case Study

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