Dedicated Switches, Managed by Dedicated Professionals

Maximize Throughput and Speed With 10G Switches

As the amount of data your IT infrastructure processes grows, so does your need for a high-performance, easily scalable network. That’s why we’re incorporating dedicated 10G switches, 10G hybrid connections, and collapsed backbone network options into all of our network infrastructures, for strong performance now and well into the future. And as always, all of this performance comes backed by always-on support from experts.

Use Cases

Cloud Flexibility

Respond quickly to fluctuating business needs by scaling to the cloud of your choice. 10G switches make it easy to scale your dedicated infrastructure to your preferred cloud using RackConnect Global.

RackConnect Global Diagram

10G Networking

Add 10G switches to your cabinet to maximize the performance of dedicated network connections between your existing 10G-capable devices, such as dedicated servers with 10GbE ports, and 10Gbps throughput firewalls and load balancers. A high-performance 10G network is ideal for high-capacity storage environments and high-performance compute clusters.

10G switch technology

Switch Options

We offer dedicated 10G switches and collapsed network options, all backed by award-winning support.

Arista 7050S-64Arista 7050TX-64Cisco Nexus 9372TXCisco Nexus 9372PXArista 7050SX-64
1 / 10 GbE (SFP+)48 x 1 / 10 Gbe48 x 1 / 10 Gbe48 x 1 / 10 GbE48 x SFP+48 x SFP+
10 / 40 GbE4 x 40 GbE QSFP+4 x 40 GbE QSFP+6 x 40 GbE QSFP+6 x 40 GbE QSFP+4 x 40 GbE QSFP+
Top of Rack


Broad Portfolio

Top of rack, shared aggregation and dedicated aggregation switches available

Cloud-ready Chipset

The latest Broadcom® Trident II chipset drives efficiencies and decreases latency when scaling to the cloud

Cabling Options

Both copper and fiber connections available

Scalable Networks

Scale networks up and out to the cloud, and consolidate multiple networks

Port Density

Up to 64 10GbE port options provide unparalleled connectivity

Upgradable Uplinks

Upgrade standard 10GbE uplinks to 20GbE or 40GbE bandwidth speeds between networking layers

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