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What Are Cloud Databases?

Cloud-based databases enable users to store, manage and retrieve their structured, unstructured and semi-structured data via a cloud platform, accessible over the Internet. Cloud databases are also known as database as a service (DBaaS), since they are often offered as a managed service.

Why Use Cloud Databases?

Lower IT Costs

Your company doesn’t have to invest in, maintain and support one or more data centers.

Automated Technologies

Your database benefits from a variety of automated processes such as automatic failover, recovery from failure and auto-scaling.

Increased Accessibility

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your cloud-based database from any location, any time.

IT Expertise

Database projects are notoriously challenging. You can enhance your IT staff’s database skills with those of a service provider — or rely totally on the database expertise of the service provider’s staff.

How Rackspace Can Help You with Your Cloud Database Needs?

We provide companies like yours with a number of cloud-based database services. Not only do we provide fully managed 24x7x365 monitoring and access to always-available database specialists, but we optimize every infrastructure component of your cloud-based database, starting with its network and ending with configuring the database for optimal performance.

Are Cloud Databases the Right Fit?

Like any technology, cloud-based databases pose potential problems. Privacy and security are always possible issues. Likewise, a company might lose some of its data or its ability to access it in the event of a disaster if the service provider has not recently backed it up or doesn’t back it up to multiple, geographically dispersed locations.

Rackspace regularly backups all cloud databases and uses redundant storage to ensure your business data is protected and, in the case of a major disaster, quickly replicable.

Among our database offerings are:

Cloud Databases

We support MySQL 5.6, Percona 5.6 and MariaDB 10, each of which can be easily provisioned, deployed and accessed via our control panel, API or command line instructions. This DBaaS is available with standard instance pricing and, in US and UK data centers, high availability instance pricing.

Cloud Big Data

We also offer you several big data options, including:

  • You can run Apache Hadoop clusters on demand, powered by the industry-leading Hortonworks Data Platform, which can handle even the most complex workloads.

  • Your choice of private clouds, including VMware® Private Cloud, and OpenStack® Private Cloud, for your cloud database.

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