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IT for Energy Companies, Managed by Security Experts

In the rapidly changing energy industry, providers who turn to the managed cloud gain a competitive edge. From addressing compliance and supply chain challenges to collecting and interpreting field and customer data, energy companies are finding greater efficiency through managed cloud services.

By offloading cloud management to Rackspace, you allow your internal IT teams to focus on revenue-generating efforts — instead of on keeping your cloud running. And with our 24x7x365 Managed Security Services, you can lean on our security experts to help protect your data and your business, while gaining the agility required to stay ahead.

Transform Your Energy Company

Improved Security

Security is a top concern for you and your customers. Our certified security analysts take a proactive approach to security and can apply their expertise to help you:
  • Meet governance, risk and compliance goals
  • Monitor your environment
  • Detect active threats
  • Provide rapid remediation
  • Manage and report on usage
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Resource Elasticity

The private cloud allows rapid provisioning of compute, storage and network resources, adaptable to your specific business needs. This level of flexibility can significantly reduce the time spent on operations, and enable you to better respond to customer demands.
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High Performance

Rackspace offers DevOps tools to help you deploy new applications faster, analyze big data and foster innovation. Our dedicated servers, databases, networking and encrypted storage solutions provide superior performance for I/O-intensive applications and big data processing.
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Cost Savings

Moving from a traditional IT environment to a Rackspace Private Cloud can result in significant cost savings through:
  • Higher utilization
  • Improved provisioning times
  • Error reduction
  • Standardized processes
  • Reduced troubleshooting times 
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Data Encryption

You don’t have to invest in costly onsite expertise to avoid the risk of data loss due to corruption or hardware and software failures.

Our managed backup and storage services offer fully managed backup and recovery for dedicated physical servers, virtual servers and Hyper-V environments hosted in Rackspace data centers.

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Rackspace Solutions for the Energy Industry

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