From Migration to Management: The Four Key Benefits of Database Modernization

By Nirmal Ranganathan, Chief Architect – Data & AI, Rackspace Technology, And Sriram Rajan, Senior Principal Architect, Rackspace Technology

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Success expanded rapidly for Eagle Eye, a retail marketing software company, as companies leveraged its platform to make stronger connections with their customers through digital promotions, loyalty programs and rewards. But, as Eagle Eye added new customers, its database performance started to decline. As a result, the company struggled to keep pace with its customer's transactional throughput.

To fix the business-hindering challenge, Eagle Eye’s long-standing partner, Rackspace Technology®, migrated its platform from a dedicated environment to Google Cloud. The rapid and smooth migration allowed the application to begin processing up to 3,000 API requests per second — and scale to manage a 556% increase in the number of coupons redeemed during the financial year.

Eagle Eye discovered what a growing number of organizations already know — Google Cloud offers purpose-built database services to quickly deliver specific functionality to overcome any business challenge. Companies don’t have to start from square one. Instead, they can choose one or more of Google Cloud’s “fit for purpose” databases. 

Fully managed Google Cloud databases can help organizations meet the ever-changing requirements of modern applications and create great customer experiences that can transform businesses like Eagle Eye.


Why Database Modernization?

The global cloud database and DBaaS market are predicted to rise at a rate of 14% from 2022 to 2032, which is faster than the database management system market, according to the Cloud Database and DBaaS Market Outlook. The report stated that drivers for the growth include cost savings, accessibility, upgrading, faultless incorporation and leanness.

The rapid growth is largely based on the many benefits of the cloud — especially increased capabilities, scalability and flexibility. With database modernization, organizations can move data from traditional databases to fully managed or modern databases with relative ease.

According to Google Cloud, “The ability for your business to tackle the unpredictable has only become more critical for success ... At the core of being able to support this are the databases backing your business and powering applications. 

“That’s why Google Cloud has designed our databases with the same innovation necessary to handle the unpredictability of Google’s own business. This means building databases that are simple to use and manage, provide security and portability for your data, and are proven for even the most transformative applications.”


Four Benefits of Database Modernization

Running modern applications on legacy, on-premises databases requires overcoming expensive, time-consuming challenges around latency, throughput, availability and scaling. Migrating to Google Cloud databases gives organizations the agility they need to transform their business on a trusted platform. 

When organizations migrate to Google Cloud databases with Rackspace Technology, they gain several critical benefits, including accelerated innovation, efficiency and operational stability, cost savings and the ability to customize their solution. 


Accelerated Innovation

With Google Cloud databases, companies spend less time operating and managing their databases and, as a result, have more time to spend on innovation, including transforming their business, processes and technologies for a modern, digital world. Rackspace Technology and Google Cloud also provide databased migration services to help address the complexities of database migration. 


Efficiency and Predictability

Organizations can access Rackspace Technology’s fully managed platform services, adopt auto-scaling and design self-healing systems that scale seamlessly through unpredictable traffic bursts, as well as remain resilient despite unexpected failures. Google Cloud databases also lower security risks thanks to database replication across multiple geographical locations and several backup and recovery options.


Cost Savings

By leveraging the flexibility, convenience and power of Google Cloud databases, organizations can reduce database licensing costs and vendor lock-in. And by leveraging Rackspace Technology’s experts to plan, design and execute database migrations your organization reduces the risks of unplanned downtime and costly business disruptions.


Complete Customization

Customized solutions mean that every migration to Google Cloud databases is fully aligned with an organization’s business goals and timeline​. Rackspace Technology has a full suite of capabilities, from initial assessment to ongoing support, all executed by database experts, while delivering continuous optimization.


Solving Together™

To help companies migrate to Google Cloud, Rackspace Technology provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Database assessments: Assess an organization’s current-state environment and provide feedback, including critical findings, recommendations and a migration roadmap. 
  • Lift & shift platform migrations: Migrates databases from on-premises and private cloud environments to Google Cloud. 
  • Managed database migrations: Migrates databases from SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL to a fully managed Google Cloud.   
  • Additional migrations: Transforms and migrates commercial or proprietary databases to Google Cloud services. 

Is your organization looking for a way to meet or expand your business needs, but are locked in with traditional or legacy databases? Like organizations around the world, you can easily and rapidly migrate to Google Cloud databases and gain modern capabilities that can help expand your business opportunities, abilities and success. 

Learn how to build a culture where data reigns by taking our Google 2-Minute Assessment: A guide on Building a Data-Driven Culture.

Discover the Value of Database Modernization with Google Cloud