Customer Stories: Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

Our Customer

Eagle Eye is pioneering real-time high street engagement with its digital marketing platform, which enables retailers and brands to use promotions, loyalty and rewards to establish relevant and meaningful connections with customers.

The Obstacles They Faced

Eagle Eye’s rapid growth resulted in its infrastructure processing unprecedented numbers of transactions every second, while generating the data collection and insights at scale that present such value to their customers. This put immense pressure on the business to keep pace with its customers’ transactional throughput.

What We Achieved Together

In Eagle Eye’s growth now sees its AIR platform processing up to 3,000 API requests per second, scaling to manage a 556% increase in the number of coupons redeemed during the last financial year. The work with Rackspace and Google Cloud will continue to allow the company to deliver exceptional reliability to its customers.


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Google Cloud Products Used

Google Compute Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine

Cloud SQL


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How We Helped


IT Transformation, Managed Public Cloud, Migration, Professional Services - Application Services / DevOps, Scalability, Security


F5 Networks, Google Cloud, Proactive Detection and Response

“Without a partner like Rackspace, we would have spent years trying to build infrastructure to support our goal. Now, we have the technological backbone that will enable us to achieve our global ambitions and know that we have a trusted partner that will continue to support us on that journey.”

Steve Rothwell
Founder and CTO
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