Protect Your Data, Wherever It Travels

Data Encryption and Key Management

Rackspace Data Encryption services provide access to data access policy tools, encryption tools, key management automation and clearly defined security processes to help you ensure high-level data protection.

With centralized and highly efficient policy and key administration, you can better maintain the standards of encryption and auditability you need to protect your business and meet key compliance requirements.

Data Encryption Features

Simplified Encryption Processes

Consistently encrypt all forms of data (Structured, Unstructured and Big Data) across multiple platforms without requiring changes to applications, infrastructure or business practices.

Encryption Key Management

Centralize all encryption key management tasks on a single platform, with an automated and secure mechanism for key rotation, replication and backup.

Full Control

Retain full control over data access policies, keys and encryption mechanisms. Define when, how and by whom certain data should be accessed.

Flexible Compliance

Customize the controls, visibility levels and auditability needed to comply with internal policies and regulatory mandates while limiting legal subpoena exposure.

Robust Auditing and Reporting

Includes tamper-proof auditing that tracks all authorized and unauthorized attempts to access protected data, as well as any changes to security policies. All log records are encrypted and protected.

Broad Database and OS Support

Supports encryption for all major relational databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. Available on UNIX and Windows environments, as well as IBM iSeries and zSeries environments.

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