Protect your clouds with our global Security Operations Center

Strengthen security across your private and hyperscale public clouds, even if they’re managed by other service providers.

Modern shifts in technology and societal trends, along with evolving compliance demands, pose increased risk for companies of all sizes. We’re here to help you stay ahead of the next cybersecurity threat.

From our global Security Operations Centers (SOC) in San Antonio, Texas and London, you’ll have a dedicated, around-the-clock team of certified security experts protecting your cloud environment. Our team can augment your security staff, helping you rapidly migrate to the cloud, stay ahead of compliance requirements and ultimately address threats before they impact your business.

Use Cases

Access 24x7x365 security expertise in our global SOC

  • GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) security analysts at SOCs in San Antonio, Texas and London handle incident response and threat hunting.
  • SOC locations and analyst access points are safeguarded by two-factor authentication, granting access only to SOC members and appropriate Rackspace Technology personnel.
  • Implement around-the-clock security services managed by GCIH personnel.
  • Stay focused on your business as live analysts screen vendor escalations to confirm potential compromises and false alarms.
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Reduce risk and stay ahead of the next threat

  • Implement 24x7x365 incident response.
  • Lock in a comprehensive security platform with intrusion detection, anti-virus, malware protection and file integrity monitoring
  • Access threat intelligence and vulnerability scanning.
  • Address compliance needs with audit-ready 13-month log management and retention.
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Explore additional services

  • Stop potential compromises early, fixing issues with minimal impact to your operations.
  • Gain peace of mind with proactive cyber hunting that scans for anomalous activity.
  • Stay briefed with weekly and monthly reporting to communicate observations, alerts and actions.
  • Enjoy guaranteed environment coverage.
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Explore additional services

  • Address your compliance goals around the clock with our expert tools, people and processes.
  • Apply regulatory-industry best practices.
  • Access detailed analysis of your IT footprint to identify gaps that prevent you from achieving compliance.
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Do you know your cybersecurity risk score?

Cybersecurity Risk Self-Assessment

By answering these simple questions about your cybersecurity technology, processes and people, you’ll receive a cybersecurity risk score against our benchmark that can help identify common security gaps in your environment that you may not be aware of.

“RMS is an essential and powerful line of defense — there is no need to bother it with minor issues, it is the serious threats that we cannot otherwise stop that we know we can rely on it for.”
Idan Mashaal, Director of Cybersecurity, Plus500 See the case study

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Service Blocks

Rackspace Service Blocks™ deliver flexible solutions customized to your needs, helping you continually optimize. 

We’ll look at how you’re doing against industry benchmarks, as well as your own goals. Then, we’ll design, build and fully manage a defense-in-depth cloud security architecture for unified protection across your multicloud environments. Our team will continually optimize your coverage to address current vulnerabilities and emerging threats, and fortify your business with certified security experts in our global Security Operations Center (SOC).

Service Block Security Operations

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