Adopt Security and Compliance Best Practices

Rackspace Managed Security Quickstart Solutions

Let our experts help you identify, establish and maintain the technologies you need, to quickly address your security and compliance requirements.

With tailored Quickstart Solutions designed to tackle common security concerns, you can accelerate your technology adoption, while we manage the ongoing coverage of your IT environments.

Quickstart for Application Security

Protect mission-critical web applications and application infrastructure from common website security issues

Leveraging technologies such as WAF, log management and multi-factor authentication, Quickstart for Application Security helps protect your web applications from common threats.

It’s designed to block common web application attacks, help prevent unauthorized user log-ins and call out potentially suspicious system activity.

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Quickstart for Network Protection

Secure your infrastructure stack from malicious intrusion and unauthorized system access

Designed with IDS, vulnerability scanning, multifactor authentication and log management, Quickstart for Network Protection provides security for more than just your applications.

It’s designed to protect your full infrastructure from malicious intrusion and call out any unauthorized system activity. Optionally, you can add DDoS Mitigation for additional protection against volumetric and layer 7 DDoS attacks.

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Quickstart for Compliance

Deploy technologies that can help you meet compliance requirements across certifications and standards

Quickstart for Compliance leverages network, application, data and log management technology, to help you address regimes and standards for PCI, HITRUST, GDPR compliance and more.

Plus, it allows you to provide added visibility to auditors, stakeholders and customers.

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Features That Make it Faster and Easier to Address Your Security and Compliance Requirements

Solution Customization

Get tailored customization based on your requirements, technology and coverage needs.

Managed Provisioning

Let our team fully manage provisioning for your infrastructure, failover, back-ups and monitoring.

Training and Handoff

Get the expert-led training you need, giving you working knowledge to control security outcomes.

Proactive Scoping

Receive proactive insight and scoping for your footprint’s growth and changes.

Scheduled Reporting

Receive regular reporting to promote a proactive management approach.

24x7x365 Support

Get 24x7x365 access to our award-winning support via chat, phone or ticket.

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