Detect and mitigate cyber security threats quickly

Deploy one team to detect and respond to vulnerabilities and emerging cyber threats in your multicloud environments at all times.

To handle threats effectively and proactively, your enterprise needs a partner that consolidates cyber threat intelligence, security analytics, alerts and response services.

We’re your organization’s security force multiplier, ready with around-the-clock Security Operation Center (SOC) services that can be deployed and managed across multicloud environments, protecting you from security risks.

Use Cases

Protect your business with threat detection and incident response services

Adding security to your environment is now easier than ever. Rackspace Security Essentials combines industry-leading global security expertise with threat detection capabilities of Armor Anywhere for a service that businesses can rely on to protect their cloud environments around the clock.

Adding security to your environment is now easier than ever, learn how to add Security Essentials to your private cloud environment here.


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State-of-the-art global Security Operations Center

Our GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) security analysts partner with your IT teams to detect breaches faster and rapidly remediate threats in your covered environment. The SOC provides security analysts with immediate threat detection alerts for malicious threats using established telemetry across endpoint agents, security devices, and network monitoring.

Learn more about how to reduce your risk with expert SOC services for cloud monitoring, threat detection and incident response. Rackspace Technology combines forces with Armor for modern SOC-as-a-Service solutions.

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Advanced Threat Detection

Our cloud-based security agents monitor and analyze high volumes of traffic and events in real-time, detecting known and unknown malware, Indicator of Attack (IOA) behavior, ransomware, zero-day exploits and other threats. Once detected, our security teams respond immediately to mitigate threats in your covered environment.

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Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), which are often difficult to detect with tools alone. Certified security analysts in our global SOC use an active cyber threat intelligence based strategy based on the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework, fueled by active intelligence feeds, to increase your threat detection and response.

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Rackspace Technology helps reduce the risk of data loss by minimizing the breach window. Our active cyber security approach identifies malicious activity before it impacts your environment and minimizes threats’ time in your environment.

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Our security services protect your environments across all major private or public clouds. We can even help you protect your environments and sensitive data that aren’t currently managed by Rackspace Technology, like your on-premises data center or colocation environments, and help you integrate with cloud native tools like Amazon GuardDuty.

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We enable compliance with security controls mapped to mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST and GDPR.

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Whether you’re already on your cloud native journey or just starting out, our experts can help you design and build a cloud native architecture that addresses your DevOps goals. Our specialists can deploy and configure supported public cloud native security technologies into your environment and provide ongoing management according to your business needs.

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Do you know your cyber security risk score?

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool

By answering these simple questions about your cyber security technology, processes and people, you’ll receive a cybersecurity risk score against our benchmark that can help identify common security gaps in your environment that you may not be aware of.

intrepid USA
"It was important to go with someone who could give us HIPAA compliance, protect data integrity and secure our network, so that when we worked with our physicians in the hospitals, they understood that they were transitioning patient data into a secure environment."
Jonathan Fluhart, Senior Director of IT, Intrepid USA See the case study

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