Add Rackspace Security Essentials

Protect your business with threat detection and incident response services

Adding security to your environment is now easier than ever. Rackspace Security Essentials combines industry-leading global security expertise with threat detection capabilities of Armor Anywhere for a service that businesses can rely on to protect their cloud environments around the clock.

Adding security to your environment is now easier than ever 

Current Rackspace Technology Private Cloud customers can order the security essentials service by starting here or sign in to your account, go to tickets, create ticket, and select Add Security Essentials from the drop-down menu. You must have account administrator or primary contact permissions to view and submit the add Security Essentials ticket.

Add Rackspace Security Essentials Now

Here’s what’s included in Security Essentials:

Threat Detection

Get protection against cyber-threats through an integrated suite of security capabilities that includes an intrusion detection system (IDS), anti-virus (AV), malware protection, file integrity monitoring (FIM) and threat intelligence. Rackspace Technology security experts monitor security alert activity to detect possible compromises and respond to incidents around the clock.

Vulnerability Scanning and Log Management

Reduce risk and stay ahead of the next threat with increased visibility into technical vulnerabilities, patching and compliance issues. Log data can be stored for up to 13 months to support compliance requirements.

Schedule your complimentary Security Review

If you have questions, let us help with a complementary Security Review of your account with a certified Security Specialist, to learn more about how to fortify your cybersecurity strategy.

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