Rackspace Technology Manages Basware Cloud Transformation with AWS Public Cloud Migration


LONDON, UK: Rackspace Technology™ (NASDAQ: RXT), the multicloud solutions provider, has enabled Basware’s cloud native service delivery operating on Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Basware, a global procure-to-pay and e-invoicing solution provider, began its cloud technology relationship with Rackspace Technology in early 2000. As part of the migration to a fully AWS environment, Rackspace Technology also evolved Basware’s security capabilities.

Basware and Rackspace Technology built a robust, world-class automation framework that speeds up deployment and provides ongoing operational improvements for its teams when serving customers. The automation allows for many operational processes, reducing the time taken for some from days to just minutes.

The Software-as-a-Service company can now spin-up testing environments more quickly, with more than 50 running at any given time compared to one or two previously. By taking advantage of AWS Spot Instances, Basware halved its continuous integration spend.

Over the last 10 years Rackspace Technology helped Basware through its transitions from on-premises, to managed hosting, to public cloud, and to the realisation that the cloud can be significantly more secure if approached correctly. Now it provides constant and proactive engagement through notifications of need-to-know security developments and recommended approaches.

The commercial flexibility provided by Rackspace Technology enabled a smooth transition to the AWS public cloud. That support came first in the shape of the early winding down of spend commitments associated with the dedicated environment’s infrastructure. And secondly in the negotiations with AWS to secure enterprise discounts and appropriate support packages.

The relationship between Basware and Rackspace Technology has evolved to one built around continual and consistent support in a service-oriented and value focused way.

Alistair Gilbert, Director of DevOps said: “The Rackspace Technology dedicated environment helped us to take full advantage of the raw infrastructure, to keep it secure and make sure that we had the required levels of availability and operability.”

Bert Stam, General Manager for Northern Europe at Rackspace Technology said: “The business world is embracing ever greater digitalisation in response to the current global challenges experienced by many. Working with Rackspace Technology, organisations like Basware are able to focus on supporting their customers with innovative and modern approaches whilst our team of experts manage the complexities of the cloud.

“It’s inspiring to see how Basware is now able to better leverage its data to apply AI to provide automation and predictive insights. It has truly embraced the art of the possible with public cloud.”


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