Deliver Integrated Customer Experiences

Synchronoss Digital Platform Hosting from Rackspace

With the Synchronoss Digital Platform, you can create and run real-time, cross-channel experiences from a centralized location — without the need for complex IT integrations. In just a few hours, your team can create and modify customer journeys across websites, in-store apps and other customer touchpoints. And you can be sure each journey includes your latest offers and newest products.

When you choose Rackspace for your Synchronoss Digital Platform hosting, you’ll benefit from our 20+ years of experience hosting applications at scale. We’ll provide the software licensing and a hosting environment optimized for Synchronoss — so you can focus on your customers.

Maximize the Benefits of the Synchronoss Digital Platform

Cross-Channel Continuity

The Synchronoss Digital Platform allows your customers to pause and resume their journey across any channel. This helps you create frictionless customer journeys that optimize interactions at every touchpoint.
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Faster Time to Market

Create and modify customer journeys in hours, not months, so that the journey includes the latest offers and newest products.

And if you want, you can simultaneously publish updates across all channels to help ensure that all customer-facing reps have access to, and knowledge of, the latest updates and product information.

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Maximized Sales Performance

The coach functionality provides customer-facing reps and their management near-real-time access to the latest insights on winning behaviors that can help drive and improve performance via gamification.

See who’s leading the hero board in driving sales quotas and find out what they are doing in the customer journey that is making them successful.

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Personalized Recommendations

Whether in person or on the phone, customer-facing reps can guide a customer through a series of needs-based questions to determine the right product for them. True one-to-one personalization means customers will develop a sense of trust with your sales associates because recommendations are based on their specific answers instead of prior purchases or what other customers with similar profiles looked at before.

Plus, upsell/cross-sell opportunities become specific and relevant based on the product recommendation, helping to drive higher conversion.

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Reduced Complexity

Users can create and modify customer journeys with drag-and-drop technology, empowering business and marketing organizations to own the customer experience.
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Successful Interactions

The Synchronoss Digital Platform provides channel-appropriate interactions to leverage each channel’s unique capabilities and characteristics so that the customer is not frustrated with irrelevant requests.
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Get the Tools You Need for Synchronoss Success

Journey Creator

Create, modify and optimize unified customer journeys across all channels for any product or service with this easy-to-use, low-code tool.

Digital Coach

Inspire and reward customer-facing employees for their accomplishments with socialized missions, fun badges and performance recognition.

Journey Advisor

When added to the Journey Creator, the Journey Advisor module helps your reps provide a personalized offer based on customer intent, need and preferences. 

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