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Unlock Limitless Creativity with the Power of Generative AI

Our AI and machine learning experts will help you unlock the capabilities of generative AI and transform your data into a powerful tool.

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Harness the power of artificial intelligence to create, innovate and transform the way you find, present and generate content.

Benefit from our expertise, standardized delivery practices, partnerships, diverse skill sets and commitment to accelerating the secure, responsible and sustainable adoption of Generative AI solutions through our Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™).

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Use Cases

A cutting-edge service revolutionizes information retrieval and comprehension by utilizing advanced techniques to extract insights from telephone calls, generate personalized learning plans and summarize data from various sources.

  • Analyze documents, videos and chat data to unlock and enable efficient access to vast amounts of information.
  • Comprehensive search and summarization processes streamline knowledge acquisition, helping to make valuable insights readily available for use in decision-making and enhancing overall productivity.
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Revolutionize document, image and video retrieval for accurate Q&A.

  • Leverage state-of-the-art techniques in natural language processing and computer vision to enable precise question and answer matching and deliver accurate solutions to user queries.
  • Enable efficient retrieval of images, documents and videos based on their content while enhancing the overall search experience.
  • Enhance productivity and information discovery to allow users to effortlessly access and leverage multimedia resources for a diverse array of applications.
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Rapid content generation for personalized recommendations and new content.

  • Write and produce personalized recommendations and responses for customer responses and product selections.
  • Create engaging articles, produce stunning images, or craft captivating videos to enhance the creative process, automate content production, and meet the ever-growing demands of today's digital landscape.
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Streamline code generation with natural-language query tools for efficient development lifecycle.

  • Discover the power of natural-language query tools that enable seamless code generation across various programming languages, including SQL, Python, JavaScript and shell scripting.
  • Enhance your development lifecycle by leveraging these tools to optimize coding processes and expedite software development.

Combine synthetic data and generative AI models to enhance AI training with limited data sets.

  • Leveraging advanced techniques, researchers and developers can amplify existing datasets or create entirely new ones, effectively augmenting their training data.
  • Empower AI and machine learning models to learn from a more diverse and extensive range of examples, ultimately improving their accuracy and generalization capabilities.
  • Unlock new possibilities for AI-driven applications.
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Get started with a Generative AI Ideation Workshop

Embrace generative AI and learn how you can use it to improve content creation, semantic search and summarization.

Our data experts will help you identify and select a use case to develop into a solution. We’ll help you define a strategy and leverage hyperscale services and funding.

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