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Discounts for Cloud Servers

The more you spend, the more you can save with volume and commitment discounts for Cloud Servers. List pricing is the combination of both raw infrastructure and service level charges, and discounts apply to your aggregated monthly spend on all flavors of Cloud Servers within a single account in the US. Changing flavors or US region will not affect your discount eligibility.

Volume Discount: Spend more and save

  • No need to apply—you're automatically eligible when you spend over $5,000/month on Cloud Servers usage.
  • The more you spend, the higher your savings.
  • To provide the greatest savings, we aggregate your Cloud Servers spend by account across all flavors and US regions.
  • There is no term commitment. Read the complete Terms & Conditions for our volume discount.
List price: $30,000/month (US)
Savings: $2,000/month
Total savings:


Commitment Discount: Commit to a term, save even more

Commit to spend at least $1,000/month on Cloud Servers usage for a specified term to increase your savings. You have the flexibility to choose a term of 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 months. To get started, apply now.

  • The higher your commitment amount, the greater your savings.
  • The longer your commitment term, the greater your savings.
  • To provide the greatest savings, we aggregate your Cloud Servers spend by account across all flavors and US regions.
  • You will receive a volume discount for any spend in excess of your commitment amount.
Commitment: $30,000/month (US)
for 24 months

Savings: $6,800/month
Total savings:


Prepayment discount: Prepay for the entire term, save the most

If you choose to prepay your total committed amount for a term, you can enjoy even more savings. A volume discount will apply to any spend in excess of the prepayment amount. To get started, apply now.

Commitment & prepayment: $30,000/month (US) for 24 months
Savings: $9,800/month
Total savings:


Cloud Servers discount calculator

All entries in the calculator correspond to monthly spend, monthly discount or monthly payment unless otherwise specified.

Select One:

Save 2%



Volume6 MO12 MO18 MO24 MO36 MO
Savings without prepayment Save 8%Save 12%Save 16%Save 20%Save 24%Save 28%
Savings with prepayment N/ASave 15%Save 21%Save 28%Save 34%Save 43%

All percentages are rounded up to the nearest percent.

Commitment discounts program details

  • Commitment payment is due on the first day of each billing cycle.
  • You can increase your commitment amount at any time (up to double the previous month’s commitment amount). The increase will be effective in the next billing cycle, and your term length will remain the same.
  • You do not receive any credit or refunds for any unused commitment amount nor does your unused commitment amount carry over to the following billing cycle.
  • You cannot decrease your commitment amount during your term.
  • To cancel, pay the lesser of the cumulative discounts received or the remaining contract value.
  • Prepayment amounts are billed immediately upon enrollment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cloud Servers Discounts

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