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Automate and standardize your cloud infrastructure

Setting up and managing cloud resources doesn't have to be a repetitive, manual chore. Powered by OpenStack® Heat, Cloud Orchestration lets you quickly and easily deploy your infrastructure (and even manage its lifecycle) in a consistent, repeatable way using fully configurable templates.

Save time

Spin up a full production environment plus software with just a few clicks—so you can spend your time innovating, not installing.

Build on best practices

We created the Rackspace templates based on years of experience managing, scaling, and optimizing cloud stacks, so you can be confident you're building on a solid foundation.

Get optimal performance

Automating stacks give you the confidence of knowing that your software is configured and optimized for the cloud.



Ensure your cloud infrastructure deploys quickly and exactly the same way every time.


Don't worry about how resources are instantiated and in what order. Just declare what you want instantiated.


Reuse your templates and move your stacks between any public or private OpenStack cloud that implements Heat. You can even reuse your Amazon Cloud Formation templates.

Easy configuration updates

With Custom Templates, modify the configuration of your stack simply by editing the template and running an update (via Control Panel interface, from the command line, or by making a single API call) regardless of how many changes you're making.

Managed Support

With Fanatical Support, you get 24x7x365 access to thousands of cloud engineers and OpenStack experts to assist you whenever you need it.

OpenStack Component Support

Powered by OpenStack Heat with direct access to OpenStack components like Nove (Compute) and Swift (Object Storage).

Custom Templates

From simple to complex application stacks, you can build customized templates to meet your needs and deploy them using the Cloud Orchestration API, the Cloud Control Panel, or the command line. This gives you deep control over the exact characteristics of your cloud resources, including the order in which they spin up. Your YAML- or JSON-based templates can even trigger Chef or Ansible scripts to manage system configuration. To help get you started, we provide a library of pre-built example templates that you can download and modify to meet your unique needs.

Rackspace Templates

If simplicity is your goal, use our Cloud Control Panel to spin up a pre-built, pre-validated stack in minutes. Just click a few buttons and provide some basic information to get started. We build our standard stacks using industry best practices, with a growing catalog that includes WordPress, LAMP, Drupal, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and more.

How it works:

Step 1


Simply select a ready-to-go application template from the control panel, or, design your own custom template.

Step 2


OpenStack Heat configures and instantiates the resources in the stack based on the template you selected.

Step 3


Start using your application!

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