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Block Storage Powered by OpenStack®

Fast & reliable block storage in the cloud

Most databases and apps grow over time, and eventually require increased storage capacity. Adding physical storage or upgrading to a bigger server can be a costly and unscalable way to solve capacity issues.

Cloud Block Storage offers reliable, high-performance, on-demand storage for applications hosted on Cloud Servers. Even the most resource-hungry workloads run seamlessly, so users can always count on your application to perform consistently.

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Cloud Block Storage Pricing

Standard $0.12 $0.000164
SSD $0.50 $0.000684

Save snapshots to Cloud Files at just $0.10/GB/mo£0.0614/GB/moA$0.125/GB/mo€0.0848/GB/mo.
Cloud Block Storage volumes only work with next generation and OnMetal Cloud Servers.

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