Flextech leverages Google Cloud to automate application development.

To launch its flagship mobile marketing application for retailers, this software engineering company leveraged the power of Kubernetes and Rackspace Technology Service Blocks.

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Flextech needed expert support for its in-house application development process as it migrated from AWS to GCP, and prepared for launch of its flagship product, Flex Rewards.

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Digital marketing start-up automates mobile marketing

Flextech is an innovative and relatively new start-up that is developing its first application in the Singapore market. Called Flex Rewards, the app is a coupon distribution platform that allows merchants to deliver an unlimited variety of retail promotions to their customers’ mobile phones, so that they can make smart shopping and dining choices on the go.

Customers are targeted based on demographic information, as well as their spending preferences and proximity to stores. The app also features an integrated marketplace where users can trade their Global Awards Tokens with each other.

Helping local retailers grow their businesses

For local retailers, customers have become a central focus in ensuring the success of their businesses. To help the retailers constantly delight their customers and deepen their loyalties to brands, the Flex Rewards mobile app supports retailers’ efforts to target customers effectively. This requires Flextech to use data points to micro-target the app’s users with relevant deals. Data points include customers’ demographic details, spending habits and — crucially — their locations. This predictive market segmentation capability is an important component of the platform.

To help accomplish its mission, the company decided to migrate from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to GCP to obtain the core features Flextech needs for DevOps — particularly Kubernetes. This transition, which took place as the company began to conduct open beta testing in Singapore, meant that its three-person development team would have much more to focus on than the continual refinement of Flex Rewards to get ready for the application’s introduction to new markets in the future. An experienced service provider was needed to support the team, providing the expert guidance required to optimize GCP.


“Our development team benefits tremendously from Rackspace Technology’s GCP expertise, especially with Kubernetes. The Rackspace Technology portal is also highly intuitive for ticketing, and any query we may have is addressed promptly.”

Chris Tong, COO, Flextech

Application development in the cloud

Flextech selected Rackspace Technology™ because of its strong GCP expertise and customizable service consumption model, called Service Blocks. The partnership allows Flextech to use only the cloud services it needs today. In this way, Flextech can build its own managed services, including containers, managed public cloud and professional services. With the growth of its Flex Rewards user base, the company anticipates that it will see an increase in its GCP consumption and use of more advanced features.

“The Service Blocks model offers us the ability to start with service support that matches our current needs. This helps us with containerized workloads during app development, facilitating the configuration and automation we need,” said Chris Tong, COO Flextech. “As we grow, we can easily adopt different managed services support to match our new requirements.”

Instead of having the development team spend hours poring over technical materials online to learn about GCP features, expertise from the Rackspace Technology team enables Flextech team members to focus on improving the Flex Rewards app experience and reduce potential business impact-related system downtime. “Our development team benefits tremendously from Rackspace Technology’s GCP expertise, especially with Kubernetes. The Rackspace Technology portal is also highly intuitive for ticketing, and any query we may have is addressed promptly,” said Tong. He added, “As our relationship with Rackspace Technology deepens, we are coming to appreciating its help not only with tech issues, but also with business and marketing in general. Its customer success team asks many great questions that help us think through our challenges and push us to find the right solutions together. This gives us confidence that Flex Rewards will be a significant player in Singapore’s mobile marketing technology.”

By leveraging Rackspace Technology experts, Flextech was able divert time that would have been spent pouring over documents towards improving their primary product.

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