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Managed Security

IT security can mean a lot of different things, depending on who's hosting your servers. Security could mean that your server is just sitting in a concrete building with limited access. Or, it may mean that your servers are sitting behind a firewall that's not even configured right. You get the idea—you might not be as secure as you think you are and need to be. And the risks are huge.

For Rackspace, security starts with protecting the integrity of your data and guarding against service interruptions. But being truly secure means far more than safeguarding data and preventing interruptions. There are the resulting financial losses, your brand's equity and reputation, business continuity and potential litigation or fines to consider. And, when it's all said and done, paying a little more for expert security means customers will continue to have confidence in your business. That, in itself, is worth investing in Rackspace managed security solutions.

Secure Pack

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When it comes to security, companies should look for a balance between risk and cost. These basic IT security products may meet the business needs of small-to-medium, low-profile entities. This level of protection is far better than having nothing at all and will significantly reduce the risk of security incidents. Rackspace recommends this pack as a minimum security measure.

Secure Pack Plus

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For many businesses, risk management efforts often point to state-of-the-art security. Intellectual property, health records, or financial information, for example, should be protected with multiple layers of security. Criminals today are targeting organizations that host these sensitive and confidential types of information. Similarly, large companies that have their brand and reputation at stake, need high levels of IT security. Any incident today can cause a company a lot more than lots of money. A company may never recover from the loss of customer confidence, for example.

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