Rackspace Technology and HiMed Improve Patient Care with Cloud-Based Record Keeping

Rackspace Technology and HiMed Improve Patient Care with Cloud-Based Record Keeping

Rackspace Technology and HiMed Improve Patient Care with Cloud-Based Record Keeping

SAN ANTONIO – February 11, 2021 Rackspace Technology™ (NASDAQ: RXT), a leading end-to-end multicloud technology solutions company, today announced the results and solution details of its successful collaboration with HiMed Solutions to implement cloud-based record keeping for patients.

The medical records system allows doctors and healthcare workers in Colombia to make better decisions with quick, reliable and secure access to patient records, all in accordance with strict compliance mandates.

HiMed Solutions provides an easy-to-use, secure and agile online medical records system that reduces administrative work for doctors and administrators, allowing them to dedicate more time to caring for their patients.

Over the course of just 30 hours, Rackspace Technology migrated HiMed to a more performant, secure and agile managed VMware-based private cloud infrastructure that serves the needs of healthcare providers while preparing HiMed for future growth. HiMed also received recommendations and expertise from Rackspace Technology when it came to addressing its needs related to data protection, compliance mandates, access controls, application management and security best practices.

HiMed’s new platform increased uptime and has led to faster response times and fewer calls to a support desk. Improved infrastructure monitoring also allows HiMed to evaluate resource consumption, gain access and vulnerability analytics, and maintain awareness of infrastructure cost control, all of which help the organization make better decisions in real time and keep pace with changing demands. Today, HiMed engineers are freed from back-end work, and are instead focused on further improving patient care through its solutions. The HiMed solution that Rackspace Technology put in place is also protected by Rackspace Managed Security helping to ensure the security and privacy of patient data.

“Rackspace Technology has been a great business ally for our company. They not only provided a comprehensive solution for our needs, but also made us feel like they had our best interests at heart,” said Jorge Iván Ramirez, Technology Advisor, HiMed Solutions SAS. “Calling the support lines really feels like talking with your best friend, someone who not only understands you, but who also wants to help you.”

“HiMed has significantly transformed the way doctors work and care for patients,” Jeff DeVerter, CTO Solutions at Rackspace Technology. “In order to take their platform to the next level and expand on its success, it was critical that HiMed on-premises data infrastructure migrate to the Rackspace managed VMware-based private cloud. We’re proud to provide the company with a secure, robust, fast and easy-to-implement private cloud infrastructure architecture that maintains industry-required compliance.”

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