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Evolving Safer Spaces: How AI is changing Smart Access

AI is transforming the smart access industry's approach to security. Smart safety may soon be self-evolving, given access to better data and adaptive systems.


Evolving Safer Spaces: How Artificial Intelligence will change the Smart Access Industry

Learn how artificial intelligence is changing the use of smart locks and smart access systems to make buildings, rooms, businesses and schools safer. What if you could install technology that improves with age?

When it comes to artificial intelligence, we’ve only begun scratching the surface. Where are things headed next?

A 2022 Rackspace Technology survey of 1,870 IT decision-makers regarding the adoption, usage, benefits and impact of AI and machine learning survey found that AI/ML is now the second-most important technology for IT strategy, trailing only cybersecurity. Organizations are seeing gains, but much of the potential of artificial intelligence yet remains unrealized.

The best AI in use today tends to be very specific, practical and valuable — less flashy than much of the science-fiction imagery getting wider attention.

On the latest episode of AI & U, Miriya Molina, Professional Services Delivery Architect at Rackspace Technology®, chats with Lee Odess. Lee is currently General Manager of New Market Development for Latch, a full-building operating system of software, products, and services designed to make improve buildings. As a smart security expert, Lee literally wrote the book on the subject, "The 6 Phase Changes Shaping Access Control."


Tune in to hear:

  • Why ‘smart’ is still a slight misnomer — but making progress
  • How the pandemic advanced the industry
  • The design process, and how complexity changes within different verticals
  • How the futuristic “Jetsons” vision compares with the current system design


Miriya Molina: “With increasing concern over the environment and security, IoT and artificial intelligence have proliferated in many applications in homes and businesses, including monitoring device usage and smart access locks. Several smart devices are enjoying widespread popularity right now, including security, cameras, lighting, doorbells, door locks and other devices that improve the security of businesses and residences. This means a convergence between IoT devices, AI and hardware.”


Lee Odess: “Things are getting more complex. We've seen the need for ‘touchless’ during the pandemic. While most of us think about ’The Jetsons’ vision of the future, where the door authenticates who I am perhaps from my phone, maybe connected to clothing, or computer vision or the system response to me — we’re not quite there yet. We are however seeing biometrics come into it. Some of the facial recognition or understanding gait — how people walk to the door — is underway today.”

Artificial intelligence might one day be used to power the almost-human androids we only see today in the movies,  but for now people like Lee are using the technology to improve the buildings of the present – and the very near future.


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Join the Conversation: Find Solve on Twitter and LinkedIn, or follow along via RSS.

Stay on top of what's next in technology

Learn about tech trends, innovations and how technologists are working today.


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