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If you need the reliability of dedicated hosting and the scalability of the cloud, RackConnect® enables you to connect your dedicated servers to our fully managed cloud, giving you the performance of traditional hosting plus increased security with single-tenant Cloud Networks. RackConnect lets you realize the power of the hybrid cloud backed by 24x7x365 Fanatical Support®.

For Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Customers with smaller dedicated hosting footprints can realize cost savings by shifting certain components of their application to a cloud platform, such as the web or application tier. For example, moving image libraries to cloud storage reduces the dedicated storage requirements and enables faster content distribution via the CDN capability of Cloud Files.

If you're using Cloud Servers, RackConnect enables you to add a custom-built, high-performance database or app server to provide a more secure, single-tenant backend for your app. Layer on a dedicated firewall, web app firewall, or DDoS mitigation to help protect your entire solution.

And with the addition of the Brocade ADX as a connected device, the entry point to RackConnect-capable hardware has expanded.

For Enterprise Business

Enterprise businesses trust their mission-critical applications on highly available and high-performing traditional hosted infrastructure, using products such as high-speed SAN storage, single-tenant virtualization, and high-capacity load balancers. RackConnect can enhance this infrastructure with rapidly elastic cloud compute and storage resources, enabling you to flex your capacity at a moment's notice, reacting to unexpected spikes on demand or to seasonal business trends. RackConnect offers a number of security features on the cloud side that were previously available only in dedicated environments.

"We flicked the switch, and went almost immediately from having zero traffic to millions of hits."
Marvin Li, Vice President of Technology, VEVO

How RackConnect works

  • Choose an F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager, a Cisco® ASA firewall, or a Brocade ADX 1000 to connect your traditional hosted infrastructure to the Rackspace Cloud.
  • Rackspace Cloud Servers can be spun up on-demand on single-tenant Cloud Networks.
  • Choose Cloud Network IP ranges for your Cloud Servers.
  • Connect to Rackspace with an encrypted VPN tunnel to link the Rackspace Cloud to your data center or existing IT infrastructure.
  • Bring dedicated security solutions to Cloud Servers including IDS and WAF.
  • Add Cloud Files for easily scalable storage.
  • Add or remove Cloud Servers to load balancer pools instantly through the API.
  • Our high-capacity network delivers fast throughput for Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, and RackConnect.

RackConnect RegionLink: Reduce latency and establish redundancy in mission-critical applications with inter-region connectivity across the U.S.

RackConnect Global: Manage IT infrastructure, apps and data across multiple environments, cloud providers and data center locations — plus get a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

How RackConnect Works

Use cases

The use cases below show you the true flexibility of the RackConnect solution, from simple configurations to true enterprise scale. These examples can help you solve the tradeoff between security requirements, performance, and cost.

Dedicated hardware firewall with Cloud Servers provides protection for the integrity of your data and safeguards against service interruptions.

Suitable use cases

  • Add a firewall to your Cloud Servers deployment.
  • VPN to the cloud via site-to-site VPN.
  • Manage the security of your environment automatically from the customer portal.
Dedicated Firewall

Dedicated firewall protecting your Cloud Servers, and a high-performance physical server for your database backend

Suitable use cases

  • Ecommerce Sites
  • High-traffic blogs
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Database-driven web applications

Empire Avenue Case Study

Cost Effective

An encrypted VPN tunnel creates a secure connection between your existing data center or IT infrastructure and the Rackspace Cloud.

  • Extend your IT infrastructure to the Rackspace Cloud.
  • Burst extra compute requirements into the Rackspace Cloud.
  • Shift workloads to the cloud to free up valuable data center space.

Suitable use cases

  • Collaboration or messaging solutions, such as Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft Exchange®.
  • Secure administrator access to Cloud Servers via VPNs.
  • Test and develop in the cloud.
  • Employ cloud as a data replication target.
  • Use the Rackspace Cloud as a target for your disaster recovery solution.
VPN Cloud Bursting

Hardware-based, dedicated load balancer and dedicated firewall, to distribute traffic across both dedicated servers and Cloud Servers. Size your environment to its average capacity, and use our utility-priced cloud to handle peak traffic needs. Cloud Servers can be automatically added to your load balancer, enabling you to scale on demand.

Suitable use cases

  • Unpredictable traffic
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Rich media
  • Seasonal traffic apps, such as ecommerce applications

Major League Gaming Study

Dedicated Load Balancing

Highly available solution for large, complex configurations

  • High-speed dedicated storage
  • VMware-based private cloud
  • Multiple security layers
  • Meets various levels of performance needs

Suitable use cases

  • Mission-critical deployments requiring multiple levels of redundancy
  • Complex enterprise applications with specific technology requirements

Vevo Case Study

Enterprise Hybrid

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