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Create the perfect cloud for your business

"We flicked the switch, and went almost immediately from having zero traffic to millions of hits."
Marvin Li, Vice President of Technology, VEVO

How RackConnect works

  • Choose an F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager, a Cisco® ASA firewall, or a Brocade ADX 1000 to connect your traditional hosted infrastructure to the Rackspace Cloud.
  • Rackspace Cloud Servers can be spun up on-demand on single-tenant Cloud Networks.
  • Choose Cloud Network IP ranges for your Cloud Servers.
  • Connect to Rackspace with an encrypted VPN tunnel to link the Rackspace Cloud to your data center or existing IT infrastructure.
  • Bring dedicated security solutions to Cloud Servers including IDS and WAF.
  • Add Cloud Files for easily scalable storage.
  • Add or remove Cloud Servers to load balancer pools instantly through the API.
  • Our high-capacity network delivers fast throughput for Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, and RackConnect.

RackConnect Global: Manage IT infrastructure, apps and data across multiple environments, cloud providers and data center locations — plus get a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

How RackConnect Works

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