Ya sea que necesite 10 o 10,000 buzones de correo, estamos a su disposición para apoyarlo

Requisitos del programa de revendedores

Añada el servicio de correo electrónico a su cartera de productos sin perder horas para registrarse como revendedor. No importa si usted es parte de una pequeña empresa de servicios o un gran proveedor de servicios de Internet: nuestro programa de revendedores de correo electrónico le ofrece todo lo que necesita para realizar la integración de manera rápida y ágil. Cuente con el soporte que le ofrecen nuestra experiencia, herramientas y escalabilidad para poder concentrarse en hacer crecer su empresa.

¿Ya es cliente?

White-Labeled Everything

We offer white-label options for almost every aspect of our email offering. Whether it's webmail or support tools, we’ll be your silent partner.

Sales Training, Marketing Collateral & More

We provide tools — marketing collateral, webinars, training opportunities, reseller-only conferences and more — to help you expand your business. Because when you grow, we grow.

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Deep Discounts

Margin is everything for resellers. We offer deep discounts on our mailboxes, so there's plenty of room for you to realize profits. View reseller pricing now.

Free Migrations

Migrations are always free. Whether you choose an assisted or DIY migration, we provide the tools and support you need to onboard quickly and easily.

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Fanatical Support

Our Fanatical Support® includes a dedicated Reseller team. They’ll help you grow your business and support your customers.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We are motivated to keep you up and running without interruption. If downtime occurs, your pain becomes our pain.

Full-Featured Admin API

Our robust REST API offers the control you need to administer your users and accounts. Integrate email into your existing workflow in just minutes, not days.  

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Cómo funciona

You agree to a $150 monthly minimum 

You will be billed a flat monthly fee of $150 or your actual invoice total — whichever is greater.

You agree to support your customers

We do not provide direct technical support to reseller customers.

You agree to bill your customers

We bill you and you bill your customers. 

"Nos hemos convertido en el departamento de TI de nuestros clientes y Rackspace nos brinda una excelente red para que nosotros ofrezcamos la solución idónea."

Ikram Massabini

Director ejecutivo de MVP Network Consulting

Hágase Revendedor de Rackspace Email

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