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The Next Solve Strategy Session Is… Customer Experience

Find out how to put the customer at the center of digital transformation.

Rackspace Technology Staff - Solve / Rackspace Technology

Emerging technologies are shifting customer experiences, expectations and behaviors. Your organization must change how it operates to remain relevant and competitive.

To digitally transform, companies need to align on strategic direction, collaborate across functions and hierarchies, develop digital literacy and plan for inevitable future disruption — all with their customer at the core of innovation.​

In our next Solve Strategy session on June 29th, at 10am central time, Jaimy Syzmanski, Industry Analyst and Founding Partner of Kaleido Insights, addresses this subject, in a keynote that focuses on empowering digital leaders.

She will discuss:

  • How customer experience (CX) impacts digital transformation
  • Key areas that require alignment within an organization
  • Drivers and challenges change agents will encounter​
  • How to approach CX design with data-driven personalization​

Following Jaimy’s speech, she will be joined by an expert panel to dig deeper into the topic.

Guest Speaker:
Jaimy Syzmanski — Industry Analyst and Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights

Jeff DeVerter — Chief Technology Evangelist, Rackspace Technology

Adrianna Bustamante — Senior Director, Global Alliances & Partnerships, Rackspace Technology
Faiz Parkar – Global Messaging Director, Dell Technologies

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