Chrysos Corporation reliably and securely connects its global operations using AWS.

We helped this cutting-edge mining services company provide its innovative and environmentally-friendly minerals analysis technology to clients all over the world.

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As Chrysos expanded its global footprint, its legacy on-premises infrastructure was quickly reaching capacity. The company looked to the cloud to help it scale appropriately and reduce the risk of operational downtime.

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Our customer

Headquartered in Adelaide, with operations spanning Australia, North America and Africa, Chrysos Corporation combines science and software to create technology solutions for the global mining industry.

The Company’s flagship product PhotonAssay™ delivers faster, safer and more accurate analysis of gold, silver, copper and other elements in as little as two minutes, and is an environmentally-friendly replacement for slower, more hazardous processes in laboratories and mine sites across the world.


“We needed a platform that would enable us to innovate continuously. With AWS, there’s over 200 services that we can choose from and utilise to help us reach that goal.”
Adrian Graves, IT Infrastructure Leader, Chrysos Corporation
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The obstacles they faced

As Chrysos expanded globally, its leadership team embraced the search for infrastructure it could rely upon to minimise risk, deliver exceptional customer service, and leverage effectively to achieve its own business goals.

“We were looking for tools that gave us reliable uptime, enhanced our operational resilience, elevated our internal and external relationships, and allowed us to focus on delivering the faster, safer, more environmentally-friendly service that PhotonAssay™ technology provides,” explained Adrian Graves, IT Infrastructure Leader at Chrysos Corporation.

Gold and Silver

“Business technology changes rapidly, but fortunately for us the Rackspace team is right at the forefront of its industry. Just to have them with us on our journey gave us confidence that we were on the right path, at the right pace — not just for now, but for the future too.”

Adrian Graves, IT Infrastructure Leader, Chrysos Corporation
Gold and Silver

How we helped

Having prior familiarity with Rackspace Technology, Graves recognised not only its ability to deploy solutions efficiently, but also its capacity to transfer knowledge effectively.

"Chrysos explored the option of hiring an experienced cloud engineer, but soon realised that it would be quite costly and challenging," Graves said. "That's when we had the idea of partnering with Rackspace to leverage our existing team and cultivate a skilled cloud engineer in-house. This approach would not only provide career growth opportunities for one of our team members, but also enable them to learn directly from industry experts throughout the course of this important project."

Rackspace offered a comprehensive solution that aligned with Chrysos' goals:

  • Infrastructure as code via Terraform: To help keep pace with their rapid growth, Rackspace provided Chrysos with a process to quickly spin up new regions in a consistent manner, while also ensuring that all the guardrails and networking are reliable.
  • Global scalability: Rackspace designed a multi-region architecture that enabled Chrysos to expand seamlessly into new markets while maintaining consistency and appropriate governance.
  • Business continuity and security: Rackspace implemented disaster recovery solutions; reducing single points of failure and enhancing data protection. Security measures were enabled to help safeguard against disruptions and potential data breaches.
  • Innovation and expertise: The focus by Rackspace on knowledge sharing and collaboration empowered the Chrysos team to manage its technology independently after the engagement.
  • Cost optimisation: With guidance from Rackspace, Chrysos gained a clearer understanding of its own IT costs; allowing it to allocate resources more in tune with its global expansion plans.

What we achieved together

Chrysos used AWS regions to route traffic via the nearest point of presence for all of its sites. Through the connectivity of multiple availability zones, Chrysos eliminated single points of failure, ensuring that businesses across the globe could access its innovative PhotonAssay™ technology from anywhere, at any time.

“We continue to experience rapid growth, therefore the speed and consistency at which we establish guardrails and networking protocols in our regional offices is of paramount importance,” said Graves. “Hence, we are grateful to Rackspace, whose support and guidance has provided us with the operational uniformity needed for our governance and compliance requirements.” 

As for Chrysos’ remaining on-premises elements, Rackspace provided value there too.

“PhotonAssay is largely an on-premises service,” explained Graves, “and while we wish to continue moving processing to the cloud, the fact remains that there’s still a server sitting in a remote minerals-analysis laboratory doing most of the work. Fortunately, Rackspace gave us some insight into how to manage those resources more efficiently, which led to improvements in that area as well.

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