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The Tech We Love — 4 Tech Leaders Share the Technologies They’re Excited About in 2021

What do technologies do tech leaders love?

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day season, so we decided to dig into what tech leaders love about the technology they work with every day. Leading technology companies are continually bringing new solutions to the marketplace, so what’s on the radar for 2021?  What new technologies are today’s technology leaders excited about?

To get answers to these questions, Cloud Talk host, Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist at Rackspace Technology™, talked to four technology leaders and asked them. Tune in to hear about these exciting new leading-edge technologies:

  • Industry-specific clouds designed to support everything from compliance to security
  • Applications that combine content understanding, processing and compliance
  • Deploying quantum principles into computing to solve problems that conventional computers don’t have the capacity to handle
  • 5G as an enterprise solution supporting the development of new killer apps for businesses versus just for consumers
  • Operationalizing the DevOps pipeline, such as measuring variables like mean time to recovery, and optimizing the result
  • Integrating machine learning for real-time analysis of vast volumes of streaming data

According to Matthew Juliana, Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, “Something we’re seeing more of today that’s really exciting to me is the integration of machine learning, not only in the analytic space, but also for real-time analysis of streaming data. We don’t have to wait days or hours to gain meaningful insight into data in order to make a difference in each user’s experience. Machine learning allows us to personalize those interactions based on direct user input, learn from that data and adjust the interaction for each individual.”

According to Kent Kingery, Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft, “I’m very excited about the launch of Azure Quantum, the world’s first full-stack, public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions, which we just opened up for public preview. It delivers a practical way to employ quantum principles to solve problems. For example, quantum computing can deliver answers in a few minutes versus 600 million years on a conventional computer. Practical uses would include processing that demands speed and handles volume, for example, conducting market optimization or risk management in financial services. Quantum mechanics allows us to do things in computing that we never would have even thought about before.” 

According to Doug Lieberman, Global Solutions Director at Dell,One of the things I think is amazing about what Dell is producing this year is 5G for the enterprise. What is really going to take off in this new 5G era is the outcomes generated for and by enterprises. This has the potential to drive their businesses in new directions in all areas of development, for example, augmented reality, connected devices, connected cities, smart cities and marketing. The intersection of these technologies provides a greater opportunity to take full advantage of hyper-cloud, multicloud, edge cloud, connectivity, directed marketing and more.”

According to Rohit Kelapure, App Modernization Scale Solution Specialist at Google, “What I love that Google is working on this year is related to modernization. We’ve been involved with the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) project, which is a research methodology that looks at developer efficiency and organizational processes. It’s identified four key metrics that indicate the performance of software development teams, like deployment frequency and lead time for changes. This could lead to the development of tools, like dashboards, that track and display the productivity of DevOps in real time.”

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