Encrypted Exchange Online Email for Healthcare Professionals

Secure Hosted Email for Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider, pharmacy or other organization dealing with sensitive information, you have unique data security needs. To meet the strict requirements of HIPAA, you must protect data transmitted via email against unauthorized access and unintended sharing.

Encrypted Exchange Online from Rackspace is a secure email solution that helps protect sensitive data.

  • Large 50GB mailboxes
  • One-click email encryption
  • Information and data-rights management
  • Premium anti-spam/anti-malware protection

Rackspace Can Help

Meet HIPAA Requirements for Email

Meeting HIPAA requirements is a top priority for healthcare providers.

With data encryption and rights management built-in, Encrypted Exchange Online helps your business become HIPAA compliant.

Easy Configuration & Encryption

We make configuration simple for people with minimal technical expertise.

Manage permissions using our intuitive control panel. With Encrypted Exchange Online, no complex scripting or setup procedures are required.

Free Migrations & 24x7x365 Support

Focus on your practice or business while we deploy and manage your email.

Our experts manage millions of mailboxes while delivering our award-winning, always-on support.

Features and Benefits

Email Encryption

Help meet rigorous HIPAA standards with state-of-the-art email encryption.

50GB Mailboxes & 150MB Attachments

Enjoy ample storage for email and support for large attachments.

Data & Rights Management

Prevent unauthorized sharing of sensitive data.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access email using Outlook®, your mobile device or a web browser.


Includes premium anti-spam and anti-malware protection.

Worry-Free Setup & Migration

Let our experts manage your email so you can focus on your business or practice.

Additional Features

  • Shared Calendars- Share your calendar or view others’ calendars to make scheduling a breeze.
  • Shared Contacts– Share contacts with colleagues for easy communication.
  • Public Folders– Collect, organize, and share information with colleagues.
  • Inbox Management– Keep your mailbox clean using the clutter filter.
  • Outlook Compatible– Compatible with Outlook for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Message Encryption– Ensure email is read ONLY by the intended recipient.
  • Information Rights Management– Use policy-based permission rules to help prevent unwanted sharing of data.
  • MS Office Integration– Protect data stored in documents, spreadsheets and slide decks.
  • SharePoint Compatibility – Enhance SharePoint® permissions with Information Rights Management.
  • HIPAA BAA– Microsoft Business Associate Agreements are available to protect your practice.

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We are a 5 time Microsoft Gold Partner.
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