The Five Key Tenets of Elastic Engineering

by Rackspace Technology Staff

Team mapping out support model

As the cloud has evolved as an operating model in modern enterprises, support methods have also adapted. As a result, we introduced Rackspace Technology® Elastic Engineering services to help customers build and operate modern cloud environments that support Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

To give you a clearer understanding and analysis of our Elastic Engineering and what it can do for you, here are the Five Key Tenets of our Elastic Engineering:



Elastic Engineering is a managed and professional services model that allows customers to only pay for what they use. It gives you on-demand access to a group of experts who work together as an extension of your team to assess, implement, design and manage your challenges. Delivered as a recurring monthly service with no commitments, Elastic Engineering lets users move the needle on their IT needs by utilizing a dedicated pod of expertise.

Contrasted with the data center, the value of Elastic Engineering is significant. Similarly, it’s a proactive service that enables our customers to take advantage of the public cloud better and transform their environments to a more cloud-native state. It’s a new way to allow our customers to use the cloud on their terms, not ours. There’s no staffing involved, nor is there a fixed fee, and it’s not a long-term contract. It’s month to month.



Unlike traditional managed services, often pooled, our Elastic Engineering customers are supported by a dedicated pod. Each consists of nine cloud experts, including an engagement manager, cloud architects and cloud engineers who work as one with your team. Additionally, you always work with the same pod that knows your specific needs and goals

 “When we didn’t have project management resources to dedicate to the migration, Rackspace Technology provided one who drove the team in a smart and effective way,” said Chris Falk, Chief Technology Officer, Buyatab. “This is a level of infrastructure that most technology organizations could only fantasize about.”



As your priorities shift, so does the focus of your pod. The “Engagement Delivery Framework” is the name we give to the process that runs our Elastic Engineering pods. It is an agile methodology designed for flexibility and accountability. We work in one-week sprints.

Customers have said they love this because as their priorities shift, so can the focus of their elastic engineering pod. And with an engagement manager on the team, progress within the sprint is always visible. Demos take place at the end of each weekly sprint. Thus, everyone can see how work is being performed and prioritized. And within our Elastic Engineering, we also provide you with status reports.



Flexibility is a core advantage. We support a wide range of initiatives within a pod. Depending on your organization's needs, we can handle migrations, infrastructure as code, CI/CD buildout, security work, cost optimization work, etc.

For more greenfield organizations, we can help with cloud fundamentals, set up basic cloud infrastructure, and help raise the bar internally on your organization’s cloud understanding. With week-long sprints, you can see progress much faster than expected and start seeing immediate value from the cloud.



With Elastic Engineering, you always know your costs, regardless of the type of work. Whether it’s security, automation, migration, etc., pricing is always upfront. Likewise, no matter what resources we devote to your project, you will know the cost, whether you need help with architects, engineers, or engagement managers. You can scale up; you can scale down. There is no long-term commitment.

With our Elastic Engineering offering, we’re leading the industry and making the cloud more accessible to everyone. We’re experts on your side, doing what it takes to get the job done right — from the first consultation to your daily operations. Learn more about Rackspace Technology’s Elastic Engineering, our core solution for managing cloud environments.

Watch the quick overview of our Five Tenets of Elastic Engineering, featuring Jeff Deverter, our Chief Technology Evangelist, and Brad Laudal, Senior Client product Executive at Rackspace Technology.

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