Why Exiting Your Data Center and Migrating to a Hosted Solution Can be a Smart Business Move

by Nic du Feu, Global Marketing Manager, Rackspace Technology

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In the ever-evolving business landscape, opportunities for growth and innovation abound. CEOs are driven to unlock new avenues for expansion, while CFOs explore ways to bolster profits. Meanwhile, CIOs are at the forefront, spurring organizations toward innovation. For many organizations, the on-premises data center, which is notoriously costly and difficult to maintain, represents one of the biggest opportunities to modernize and optimize.

A smart move for optimizing spend, freeing up internal teams to focus on innovation and growth, and leveraging affordable expertise is migrating from an on-premises data center to a hosted and managed private cloud solution. This move can not only improve your productivity, help you meet your strategic goals and reduce your costs, but also speed up modernization efforts to improve your business overall.

Gain multiple benefits from a hosted solution

Of course, you need justification before taking such a radical step. Rackspace Technology® has helped hundreds of organizations migrate from on-premises to a hosted and managed private cloud solution with great success. Here are just a few business advantages they’ve gained:

  • Specialized attention to their specific compliance and security requirements
  • Easier and less costly legacy application rework or rebuild
  • Critical internal resources freed to work on high-value projects versus spending time managing an on-premises data center
  • Simplified multicloud operation that optimizes spending, for example, with Rackspace Data Freedom

A managed and hosted private cloud solution from Rackspace Technology is the gateway to achieving all these outcomes and more.

Ready to exit the data center business?

Whether you’re focused on reducing technical debt, strengthening your security profile, improving compliance or becoming more resilient, a hosted and managed solution is flexible and can address your organization’s specific business needs and desired outcomes.

Two leading reasons many organizations make the move to a hosted and managed private cloud is because they no longer want to be in the business of operating on-premises data centers and they no longer want the cost. Along with the cost and expertise required to maintain and manage a data center, there’s also the associated costs of maintaining the building space, redundant power (including utility fees) and the physical security.

A growing number of organizations are asking themselves, why spend time and resources on managing our own private data center, when it’s not the focus of our business? That’s why a leading solution for many of today’s businesses is migrating to a hosted data center managed by Rackspace Technology. They like the fact that we take care of everything — including completely managing their private cloud infrastructure, so they don’t have to.

Our hosted private cloud solutions operate in dedicated, secure environments that provide customized compute, storage and connectivity. Options include a software defined date center (SDDC) or bare metal.

Gain our cloud first, customer first advantage

With Rackspace Technology as their managed hosted private cloud provider, our customers are gaining a wide range of business advantages, including:

  • Public cloud agility and flexibility in a software defined data center (SDDC)
  • Multicloud access with simplified, low-cost access to all the latest tools available in public clouds and reduced public cloud data egress fees
  • Access to migration expertise with over 20 years of experience migrating all types of production workloads
  • Flexible managed services, including support, IT project backlog acceleration, and application and data modernization
  • Private connectivity to all business locations and service points, including customers, and reduced risks for data in motion
  • Their own dedicated infrastructure

If you organization needs to reduce costs and your data center is under scrutiny, migrating to a hosted and managed private solution that provides a flexible service model can be the smart business move. Our experts can help execute your move for you, then help you manage your operation as your business evolves into the future.

Move to a hosted and managed private cloud solution.