Optimize Your Apps and Data for the OpenStack Cloud

Extend The Upstream Capabilities of OpenStack with Rackspace Professional Services

Since inventing OpenStack® with NASA in 2010, Rackspace has driven innovation and led its continual development. Because of our deep knowledge and experience with OpenStack, our professional services team is uniquely qualified to extend the upstream capabilities of OpenStack to meet your specific needs — without introducing the risk of vendor lock-in.

Our Innovations Include:

  • Creating an advanced storage offering for hyper-scale use cases using Hummingbird technology with Swift object storage. Learn More.
  • Delivering continuous and seamless upgrades through expanding Ironic to create an A/B control plane setup. Learn More.
  • Enabling complete showback and chargeback for a Fortune 50 company by maturing CloudKitty. Learn More.

Application Modernization

We provide application and infrastructure assessments, security hardening, performance tuning and health checks, then optimize your application to run on an OpenStack cloud.

Agile Methodology

We help you transform “waterfall” development processes into a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and implement a DevOps framework.

Big Data Assistance

We consult with you to establish best practices around designing, deploying and running big data solutions such as Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, MongoDB or Redis on OpenStack.

Authentication and Federation

We’ll help you design federated authentication models for infrastructure and applications across multiple clouds and integrate existing authentication solutions such as Active Directory® or LDAP.

Cloud Optimization

We’ll help you encapsulate an application using container technologies and provide OpenStack architecture templates that can be customized for your specific infrastructure design.

"OpenStack provides a path to innovation for our students. However, the complexity of the technology platform requires significant expertise to run at scale. Consuming OpenStack as a managed service from Rackspace and relying on them for their operational experience has been key to our success."

Preston Smith

Director, IT Research Services and Support, Purdue University

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