Q Engineering streamlines data analytics for oil and gas forecasting

Unified applications and workflows in AWS empower better decisions in the boardroom and in the field.

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Q Engineering’s unique application required a secure and scalable platform to support containerized workloads. The Q Engineering team had developed a prototype, but they needed help to scale it, make improvements and deploy it.

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Q Engineering provides drilling and forecasting analytics for the exploration and production segments of the oil and gas industry.

Located in downtown Houston, Q Engineering is a software company founded by two visionaries who, after working in the industry for years, realized that there was a disconnect and a lack of efficiency between what went on in the field and what went on in boardrooms and business backends. They established Q Engineering to bridge that gap, bringing efficiencies and insights into field work and business practices.

“It would have been difficult for us to accomplish what we wanted to do in such a short time without Rackspace's expert assistance.”
James Ruiz, Co-founder, Q Engineering

Security and scalability for containerized workloads

The application Q Engineering developed required the ability to route traffic based on multiple endpoints to varying instance types handling specific workloads. Q Engineering also wanted to design an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline to allow for rapid development and feedback for the team.

But this required a secure and scalable platform that could support containerized workloads.

Q Engineering first met Rackspace Technology when they attended an Rackspace-led Kubernetes demonstration. At that time, the Q Engineering team expressed their interest in deploying a Kubernetes cluster for the business value it could provide but lacked the time and resources required to learn how to do it themselves.

They wanted a solution with a scalable backend infrastructure and had developed a prototype, but they needed help refining, scaling and deploying it. The team realized that Rackspace could help them attain their goal of implementing a Kubernetes solution in a short time frame.

Q Engineering

“By having Rackspace do all of the back-end infrastructure, it allowed us to accomplish what a team five times our size could accomplish. It’s been a great relationship working with Rackspace.”

James Ruiz, Co-founder, Q Engineering
Q Engineering

Achieving rapid deployment and scalability

After speaking with a Rackspace representative, Q Engineering signed up for Rackspace Cloud OpsPilot, a managed service that provides access to a group of Rackspace engineers who work collaboratively with the customer, using an Agile development method with work done in defined and measurable sprints.

As part of the ongoing engagement, Q Engineering also receives 24x7x365 cloud support from the same team of engineers, with defined response-time SLAs, helping to ensure any critical needs or issues are resolved rapidly.

Rackspace developed an Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) solution, integrated with a CI/CD pipeline based on AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline. Combining the speed of Kubernetes with a fully integrated pipeline allowed Q Engineering to rapidly deploy an application.

“They helped us define our vision for the Kubernetes cluster on AWS that we wanted to deliver to our customers and built exactly what we needed,” explained Q Engineering Co-founder James Ruiz.

The unparalleled scalability of Kubernetes on AWS allows for handling current and future workloads without concern, in addition to migrating legacy applications to the Amazon EKS cluster with ease.

“It would have been difficult for us to accomplish what we wanted to do in such a short time without Rackspace's expert assistance,” Ruiz added.

Rackspace helped accelerate Q Engineering’s update windows from hours to minutes.

Tapping into expert-led collaboration and training

Rackspace and Q Engineering worked together as a team on this project, with Rackspace providing training during development. The team held weekly work sessions, during which subject matter experts provided insight into what they were doing and also how Q Engineering could optimize their workflow.

Rackspace trained Q Engineering staff on how to use their code pipeline to update clusters with new code to test and roll out to production. In addition to this, updates to production servers, instances and the backend were automated by Rackspace.

This accelerated Q Engineering’s development process tremendously compared to their old method, and reduced update windows from hours to minutes. Rackspace was also there to assist in troubleshooting and resolve blocking issues that Q Engineering encountered.

“By having Rackspace do all of the back-end infrastructure, it allowed us to accomplish what a team five times our size could accomplish,” said Ruiz. “It’s been a great relationship working with Rackspace.”

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