CICE Group increases agility in the marine cargo industry

By moving to the cloud, CICE Group is able to add value to its offerings and realize a cost saving of approximately 15%.

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CICE Group’s customers needed real-time information on the status of operations and the transfer of their cargo. CICE Group had to move to the cloud while minimizing disruptions, maximizing security and staying under budget.

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Our customer

Over the course of 30 years, Corporation Integral de Comercio Exterior (CICE) Group has served as one of Mexico’s most important marine cargo handling and logistics services, playing a key role in the innovation and modernization of foreign trade.

As the first private port operator within the National Port Systems, not only has CICE Group established itself as the main provider of comprehensive logistics solutions, but it also provides national transport services.

CICE Group operates out of Tultepec, State of Mexico, and near the port area of Veracruz, in the San Julián Logistics Park. Its economic impact to those areas can’t be understated, as the organization serves the most ships in the region and provides the most jobs, paying workers for hundreds of thousands of shifts every year.

A history of modernization

Throughout its history, CICE Group has realized the importance of technology as a differentiator and has been diligent when it comes to keeping pace with technology as it’s become more integrated with the marine cargo industry.

“We’ve continuously adapted to changes in the market and the global environment to ensure the continuity of our logistics and foreign trade operations,” said Genaro Mendez, Director of IT at CICE Group. “The adoption of these changes is essential for the economic and social development of our country,” he added.


“The migration process was extremely agile. The tasks were performed on-time and according to plan, allowing us to coordinate the transition with our users in an orderly manner.”

Genaro Mendez, Director of IT, CICE

Rackspace Technology helped CICE Group achieve savings of
approximately 15%.

The future delivered, for less

By moving from Oracle E-Business Suite to OCI, Rackspace Technology helped CICE Group achieve savings of approximately 15% all while avoiding disruptions to their day-to-day operations.

“Rackspace Technology helped us transition to a cloud platform securely, minimizing the risks of disrupting the organization’s day-to-day transactions and securing budget restrictions and costs for the project,” said Mendez.

“The migration process was extremely agile,” explained Mendez. “The tasks were performed according to the plan and on time, which allowed us to coordinate the transition in an orderly manner with our customers.”

After the migration from its data center to the cloud, CICE Group saw immediate improvements to query times, reports and transactions.

Leaving the data center also led to better performance, better monitoring of resource usage and a shift from an irregular capex spending model to a more predictable opex model.

All of these benefits allow CICE Group to focus more on innovation and future projects and alleviate any worries about the day-to-day complications that used to arise.

“Having a team of experts to manage and solve all of our day-to-day challenges allows us to focus our IT team on organizational strategy and planning for our future,” said Mendez.

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