Danaher delivers a cloud native solution to allow dentists to remotely and securely access patient data

The global science and technology conglomerate created a hybrid approach to connect physical dental practices with cloud-based services in a customized, cloud-native, HIPAA-compliant solution.

Danaher Industry Healthcare, Technology Challenge

Develop HIPAA compliant cloud native solution for patient data

Solutions Cloud Adoption & Migration, Application Management & Operations, Internet of Things & Edge Platforms Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our customer

Ranked #149 on the Fortune 500, Danaher Corporation is a global conglomerate with major businesses in the areas of life sciences and diagnostics, environmental and industrial technologies, and dental science. Danaher produces a wide range of dental consumables, equipment and services to help dental professionals improve clinical outcomes and enhance productivity.

The obstacles they faced

With thousands of dental customers, Danaher wanted to update the way it managed patient data. Danaher created a line of cloud-connected medical devices for dental imaging and collaboration. The company approached Onica by Rackspace Technology to create a cloud-native solution that would:

  • Store patient data in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Synchronize data in real-time with dental practices around the world
  • Liberate patient information and x-ray images in the cloud
  • Offer a hybrid approach to connect physical-world dental practices with cloud-based services
  • Take advantage of DevOps concepts to prevent costly human errors due to a complex deployment environment

How we helped

Onica by Rackspace Technology embarked on custom development to enable web-based and cloud-accessible viewing and collaboration around dental imaging. The single-software solution was deployable to both the cloud and the dental office, removing the need for dozens of legacy thick-client solutions. Onica by Rackspace Technology worked with multiple operating companies within Danaher to architect their software to utilize AWS cloud services. The resulting infrastructure:

  • Utilizes AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure automation
  • Utilizes Chef for configuration management and application deployments
  • Is managed with a Jenkins-based continuous integration and delivery pipeline, while respecting the controls needed in a medical device
  • Is fully self-healing in the event of component-level failures or entire AZ failures

All of the above was developed while considering HIPAA compliance and honoring the AWS requirements for HIPAA applications in the cloud. The deployment pipeline is engineered to fully deploy entire environments — comprised of dozens of applications — with a single click.

What we achieved together

The newly deployed, cloud-connected products currently support thousands of dentists across the globe, providing them with a safe and effective mechanism to remotely access and back up their data. Other results achieved:

  • The power of the cloud enables modern collaboration and reinforces Danaher Imaging Technologies as a technology leader in its industry
  • The solution has been independently and successfully assessed for HIPAA and security compliance
  • Deployment of new software environments or updates to existing environments are greatly simplified, resulting in more successful deployments
  • Zero downtime of the cloud applications due to the self-healing nature of the environment

Onica by Rackspace Technology now serves as Danaher’s operations center for their cloud-based dental imaging products, 24x7x365.

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