Take a Threat Assessment to Uncover Your Top Priorities

Fast, Accurate, Non-Intrusive Internal Scanning and the Industry's Most Comprehensive Vulnerability Database

Rackspace Vulnerability Assessments can help you protect the integrity of your applications and data by proactively identifying potential attack vectors or vulnerabilities in your environment. You will receive notification whenever a vulnerability is detected, plus remediation guidance from our team of security experts.

An essential element of any security strategy, vulnerability assessments can allow you to stay one step ahead of intruders, before they can take control of your servers and access business-sensitive information.


Rackspace leverages Rapid7's Nexpose Enterprise to perform effective vulnerability management and detect relevant threats. Using a non-intrusive internal scanner, Rackspace configures monthly scans to assess your solution for security threats. Current and historical scan results are available for viewing via Rackspace's enterprise console.

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Stay Ahead of the Attackers

Accurate Scanning

Our non-invasive, intelligence-gathering scanning system emulates techniques used by attackers, as they build upon knowledge from prior exploits.

Information Monitoring

Use our enterprise console to generate reports, submit and view vulnerability exceptions, perform on-demand scans and quickly gain insight into risks across your environment.

Risk Prioritization

With automated asset classification and risk prioritization, you’ll be able to assess and manage risks more effectively.

Expert Support

Let our security experts help you respond to and remediate identified vulnerabilities.

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