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We start by performing a diagnostic assessment of an existing application workload, performed by Microsoft cloud experts skilled in identifying workload components and determining the potential ROI of moving the workload into the cloud. During this phase, we gauge the organization's readiness to deploy and manage the cloud. This often includes recommendations around governing their proposed new cloud deployments.


The next step is creating a detailed reference architecture, utilizing the information obtained in CloudSurvey™ in conjunction with the customer's IT planning goals. The result is a detailed roadmap that shows the technical and operational aspects required to move the workload to the cloud as well as reference architecture assets primarily in the form of ARM templates.


Now that the survey and mapping processes are complete, we create a comprehensive migration and management plan and complete the migration. The plan details the requirements, dependencies, and activities for moving the application workload to the cloud environment. Included in CloudPath is a risk analysis, outlined change management needs, and required resource allocations. Customers receive an actionable plan ready for execution by Rackspace, once accepted.


The final phase of CloudGuide is a 90-day operational support program that provides guidance to ensure the successful Azure adoption. Leveraging our Aviator premium services model for Microsoft Azure, this program provides a high-touch engagement model that allows for knowledge transfer, expert advice, and proactive management newly migrated Azure environments .

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