Rackspace Technology Enables Konesh Mission Critical Operation for-Certified Accounting and Tax Management

Rackspace Technology Enables Konesh Mission Critical Operation for Certified Accounting and Tax Management

Rackspace Technology Enables Konesh Mission Critical Operation for Certified Accounting and Tax Management

San Antonio, TX, August 10, 2022 - Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT), the leader in end-to-end multicloud solutions, today announced that Konesh®, a company that provides managed services for accounting and tax procedures, selected Rackspace Technology to develop its cloud services infrastructure.

Established in 2009, Konesh, a tax and accounting consultancy firm, is the third largest consultancy firm in volume and taxpayer management and currently generates CFDIs for 450,000 taxpayers. By contributing to the fulfillment of obligations of companies with the Mexican Tax Administration Service and the country's income and growth, it is responsible for the critical mission of managing a significant part of the country's tax collection.

Throughout 15 years of nonstop work, Konesh has formed, together with other Mexican PACs, a structured data ecosystem to give life to one of the world's most advanced, award-winning, and recognized collection models, whose impact on the country's economic and financial system has a decisive effect on national transformation projects which was a priority during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Under strict security controls, the Konesh platform currently manages 1.5 billion documents. The capacity was mainly achieved by having Rackspace Technology as a strategic technological partner. With the support of its private cloud services for operation, the experts in Konesh tax solutions can now solely focus on offering their clients the service value, know-how, experience, and the confidence to solve tax impacts by understanding tax rules resulting in saving millions in risks.

“We have zero incidents with our clients and a 99.98% continuity in operations largely due to the quality of the Rackspace Technology infrastructure, said Imar Canche, Chief Research and Development Officer for Konesh. “We also believe that Rackspace Technology Fanatical Experience® has also helped us achieve our success. The support and accompaniment of Rackspace Technology are crucial for Konesh not only in the daily operation and in the creation and implementation of new projects that provide consultancy to its clients.”

“Having the support of Fanatical Experience is the most important differentiator in the case of a process that cannot stop. Systems are required to remain operational, and they cannot compromise critical mission performance,” said Héctor Gutiérrez, CEO of Konesh “Since we’ve been working with Rackspace Technology, everything has worked very well and in the shortest possible time.”

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About Konesh® Solutions. The technological evolution of Latin America.

Real solutions that positively impact the evolution of companies. It helps companies build real value by optimizing their internal and digital processes. The technological solutions developed over 15 years are the vehicle that allows success in each implemented project, added to the management of organizational change and the adaptation of technology to the needs of companies, achieving maximum efficiency in matters of tax risk prevention, electronic invoicing and supply chain management, to mention a few examples.

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