Transforming IT Operations for the Modern Cloud

What should support look like to help you realize your cloud native evolution?

We’re in the midst of a fundamental shift in cloud operations

The cloud has been critical in launching products quickly, reliability, and ahead of competitors. But the true opportunity brought by cloud is much greater. IT organizations today are realizing that the cloud isn’t just another datacenter, and they are embarking on a journey to harness every part of the amazing power of the modern cloud — to evolve to cloud native.

But what are providers doing to support them on this journey?

Rethinking support models for a cloud native world

Most IT teams fall somewhere in-between​ traditional IT Operations and modern, cloud native ways of doing things. The defining characteristics of traditional IT operations include: clear handoffs between build and operate​, emphasized infrastructure and operations and a waterfall development and release approach. To evolve to a cloud native operating model, there need to be no boundaries between build and operate.

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Traditional MSPs aren’t built to enable evolution

As customers continue on their journey to embrace a modern, cloud native mindset they encounter entirely new architectural methodologies, new ways to deploy, monitor, and operate environments, and even new modern technologies to master. To face these challenges they need more than just support. They need help understanding how to scale their IT organization in an agile world, how to transform their environments, how to streamline their operating models. Traditional MSPs are tailor made to keep things running, fixing them when they break – not to help you move them forward. In fact, the more customers embrace cloud native, the less they rely on traditional break-fix Managed Services – so there’s really no incentive for them to want customers to evolve. But today’s evolving IT organizations need a new support model, and a new relationship with their providers.

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Rackspace Elastic Engineering

A new approach that supports your cloud native evolution while breaking free from the rigid MSP models of the past. A model that’s outcome-driven...agile... ELASTIC.

Rackspace Elastic Engineering is our new approach to support for your evolution in the modern cloud. It not only changes the landscape of how Rackspace manages our customer's cloud environments, but we believe it will change how the market looks at the relationship between customer and provider, period.

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Webinar: Leveling Up IT Operations for the Cloud Evolution

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By having Onica do all of the back-end infrastructure, it allowed us to accomplish what a team five times our size could accomplish. It’s been a great relationship working with Onica.
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