Rackspace SDDC Anywhere

A flexible, scalable, secure and fully managed vSphere-based private cloud platform that’s ready for deployment in your data center or a colocation environment.

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Rackspace SDDC Anywhere Overview

Get the performance, security and sovereignty of a private cloud without the challenges of building and managing one — just about anywhere you need it.

Rackspace SDDC Anywhere provides the agility to run, manage and connect applications wherever they are — filling the need for data proximity, compliance and an optimal user experience.

Because your needs can change, Rackspace SDDC Anywhere seamlessly scales to meet your demands, and offers add-on services that range from data protection and managed disaster recovery to log analytics and VM management.

If you’re looking for a pre-configured, fully managed and dedicated private cloud environment that’s ready to drop into your data center or colocation space, Rackspace SDDC Anywhere is your ideal solution.

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Rackspace SDDC Anywhere Features

Rackspace SDDC Anywhere is a versatile cloud solution designed for fast and seamless deployment in a data center or a colocation environment. It offers the flexibility and performance of a dedicated private cloud, allowing organizations to effortlessly shift or expand their on-premises VMware® workloads.

With Rackspace SDDC Anywhere, companies benefit from a suite of features and add-ons that make it easy to manage workloads using the tools and processes they're already familiar with.

Rackspace SDDC Anywhere is continuously monitored and maintained by our experts — eliminating much of the effort involved in building and maintaining your private cloud environment. When needed, you have 24x7x365 access to systems support. Also, you can contract professional services specialists through Rackspace Elastic Engineering for assistance with planning, migration, optimization and training.

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Built on the industry standard VMware vCenter, Rackspace SDDC Anywhere provides a centralized and extensible platform for managing a virtual infrastructure, giving IT administrators simple and automated control over the environment, helping them deliver infrastructure with confidence.

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Rackspace SDDC Anywhere is built to start small and effortlessly scale to thousands of VMs. Seamlessly scale your physical compute, network and storage capacity without service interruptions. Adapt to demand spikes by bursting to Rackspace SDDC Flex for fast, on-demand production capacity.

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Designed with efficiency in mind, Rackspace SDDC Anywhere can reduce overhead costs significantly. The dedicated environment provides unparalleled control over all aspects of infrastructure, hardware and software, enabling you to precisely tailor Rackspace SDDC Anywhere to your specific needs.

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Achieve superior performance with a dedicated and local cloud platform that enables real-time application support and reduces the risk of performance and latency variability in shared cloud environments.

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Address strict regulatory, compliance, security and data sovereignty requirements by keeping sensitive data in-residence, within organizational boundaries or specific geographic locations.

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Because your needs are constantly evolving, Rackspace SDDC Anywhere offers add-on services that provide capabilities that align with your current needs and future evolution.

Data protection

  • Gain direct access to a high-performance, software-defined backup and recovery solution that allows you to configure retention policies in real time and restore from a protected snapshot within minutes.

Managed disaster recovery

  • Your ability to designate workloads for disaster recovery keeps you in control. You own your disaster recovery plan, testing, and declaration and execution of recovery events.

VM management

  • Access a suite of tools and services to manage the configuration and protection of VMs, provide patching services for supported operating systems and enable constant scanning for dangerous scripts, viruses and malicious code.

VMware vRealize Suite

  • Native cloud management tools provide software-defined networking, security, automation, operations and log analytics.

RackConnect Global

  • Bring multicloud connectivity to your footprint by linking the leading interconnection exchanges and cloud providers to a proprietary Rackspace Technology® backbone.
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Rackspace Accelerated Migration Program

Move to the private cloud, quickly.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, we’re ready to help you prepare for, test and execute your migration.

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“The Rackspace Technology management approach brokered a lot of flexibility and increased availability of staff augmentation for me.”
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