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Use Cases

Datacenter Migration

Wondering how to keep up with growing demand for infrastructure while facing pressures to reduce costs? You are likely looking to the cloud to increase efficiency, boost productivity and lower costs, and realizing that not all applications are suitable for the public cloud.
Our hosted private clouds offer the benefits of the cloud combined with single-tenant customization and performance. This allows you to grow physical compute, network and storage capacity as needed, without significant investments in data center buildouts and physical hardware.

  • Easily extend VMware workloads from your on-premises data centers to off-premises environments.
  • Partner with Rackspace Professional Services to create a highly customized workload extension and migration strategy.
  • Take advantage of RackConnect Global® — the ultimate in hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility. We provide highly available, secure network connectivity between Rackspace and your on-premises data center, as well as other cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure® and Amazon Web Services.
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Test & Dev

Moving workloads to the cloud to support rapid application development and testing requires agility, scalability and security not typically available in public clouds. You also need a testing environment that runs on technology similar to your production infrastructure.

  • Get total control over your physical-to-virtual resource commitment ratios with our hosted private clouds — a capability not available in public clouds.
  • Leverage the latest VMware SDDC technology to manage the lifecycle of your agile, on-demand development environments.
  • Realize potentially significant per-VM cost savings for many development scenarios, when compared with public cloud platforms.
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Application Hosting

Not all applications are cloud-native or cloud-ready, and the benefits don’t always justify the costs involved for you to make them work. Our hosted private clouds offer an agile hosting platform for these types of applications, combining stability and predictability with the control you need.

  • Legacy applications do not have to run on legacy infrastructure. Leverage the latest VMware software-defined infrastructure to deliver application lifecycle automation and enhanced business agility.
  • When applications can’t be easily refactored for the cloud, customizable single-tenant hosting can be a viable solution.
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 Data Replication

It’s not easy to find innovative ways to replicate data and maintain business continuity in the event of a disaster, often in the face of shrinking IT budgets. Our hosted private clouds offer a compelling, lower TCO approach to hosting DR infrastructure, when compared with building out a data center or colocation facility.

  • Recreate network topologies in software, rather than hardware, with VMware NSX. Lower your overall costs for DR target infrastructure.
  • Leverage Rackspace Fanatical Support® and our ability to rapidly deploy hardware in a crisis, 24x7x365.
  • Benefit from customizable architectures and our deep portfolio of storage and networking technologies from vendors such as Brocade®, Cisco®, EMC®, F5® and NetApp®. Rackspace can accommodate a wide variety of technology dependencies commonly associated with data replication and DR scenarios.
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Our ability to be able to leverage that partnership [with Rackspace], and have them react quickly to support our business, in a short period of time, speaks volumes.

Michelle Pacynski

VP, Guest Facing Systems


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