Rackspace Technology Announces FAIR Learn, an Innovative AI Literacy Program as Part of the Overall Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace

Rackspace Technology Announces FAIR Learn, an Innovative AI Literacy Program as Part of the Overall Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace

Rackspace Technology Announces FAIR Learn, an Innovative AI Literacy Program as Part of the Overall Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace

Cloud technology company taking bold steps to educate employees on the principles of AI, use cases to harness the power creatively, responsibly, and sustainably for meaningful customer outcomes and AI operations integration

Target certification of the majority of company employees by the end of 2023

SAN ANTONIO, TX July 18, 2023 – Rackspace Technology (NASDAQ: RXT), a leading end-to-end, multicloud technology solutions company, today announced the launch of FAIR™ Learn as part of the overall Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace (FAIR™). The innovative AI literacy program is designed to heighten Rackspace employees’ comprehension of the basic principles of AI, potential use cases, and limitations to harness the power creatively, responsibly, and sustainably. Rackspace Technology believes the program will drive meaningful outcomes for customers and effectively integrate AI into the company’s operations.

The FAIR Learn program has four levels: AI-Ready, AI-Business, AI-Specialist, and AI-Expert. Each level has recommended courses from LinkedIn Learning and Cloud Service Providers. When the learner completes these courses, they will receive Digital Credentials from FAIR that can be shared on LinkedIn, Threads, Twitter, and other social media.

“The world of technology is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, and artificial intelligence (AI) sits firmly at the forefront of this revolution. With FAIR, we are driving to be the AI leader in our industry – to do this, AI is no longer just an opportunity; it’s a necessity,” said Amar Maletira, Chief Executive Officer of Rackspace Technology. “As Rackers, we pride ourselves on our unyielding dedication to customer success, continuous learning, and adaptability. With FAIR Learn, we have the audacious goal of having the majority of our Rackers credentialed in the program. With this commitment, we are taking a bold step into the future, embracing AI, and driving innovation to shape the future of our company, customers, and the world at large.”

Groundbreaking FAIR Practice

FAIR is a groundbreaking global practice dedicated to advancing business transformation, improving customer experience, increasing the quality of service, and accelerating value creation through the secure and pragmatic use of AI technologies. FAIR has identified over 100 use cases across multiple industries and is working on several first-of-a-kind implementations for our customers across the globe. FAIR provides three unique services to help lean into the transformative power of generative AI:

●     FAIR Ideate: An interactive and collaborative ideation workshop that helps organizations uncover actionable use cases for generative AI with defined business impacts. AI readiness diagnostics provide critical considerations for successful AI adoption.

●     FAIR Incubate: An agile and iterative program that co-creates an enterprise’s first generative AI solution. It establishes the technology stack and assesses the viability of AI, ensuring seamless integration into organizational processes.

●     FAIR Industrialize: A systematic effort to transform the AI solution into a product, implementing governance, defining metrics, and optimizing the AI model and Distributed Cloud Infrastructure for continuous improvement.

Rackspace has used FAIR to implement Rackspace Intelligent Co-pilot for the Enterprise (Rackspace ICE™). Rackspace ICE is an AI Duet that boosts the productivity and effectiveness of go-to-market teams. It harnesses the power of AI to automate routine tasks, identify warm leads, surface relevant data and content, and provide real-time contextualized analytics for hyper-personalized customer interactions.

Rackspace is also using FAIR to develop RITA™ (Rackspace’s Intelligent Technology Assistant).

RITA is an interactive chatbot that uses the latest language models to answer text IT service requests, enhance self-service capabilities for inquiries, request new hardware or software, reset forgotten passwords, and answer questions on IT and security policies. In addition, the solution links the response to the specific sections of the source documents for resolution.

Click here to learn more about FAIR and unlocking limitless creativity with the power of generative AI.

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