Rackspace Technology and Google Cloud Bring Optimized Promotions and Dynamic Disaster Recovery to Mrs. T’s Pierogies

Rackspace Technology and Google Cloud Bring Optimized Promotions and Dynamic Disaster Recovery to Mrs. T’s Pierogies

Rackspace Technology and Google Cloud Bring Optimized Promotions and Dynamic Disaster Recovery to Mrs. T’s Pierogies

Migration from SAP to Google Cloud allowed Mrs. T’s to experience a 60% acceleration in batch transitions and on-screen end-user transactions. 

SAN ANTONIO – February 2, 2021Rackspace Technology™ (NASDAQ: RXT), a leading end-to-end multicloud technology solutions company, today announced the results of its migration to Google Cloud Platform for Mrs. T’s Pierogies, the largest provider of frozen pierogies in the United States.

Rackspace Technology assisted the pierogy-producer in migrations services, applications services, and managed storage, which has helped the organization improve forecasting, optimize promotions and better manage its disaster recovery efforts. Mrs. T’s has realized immediate benefits of the upgraded system, with a 60 percent acceleration in their batch transactions and on-screen end-user transactions.

Producing more than 600 million frozen pierogies a year, Mrs. T’s Pierogies had created a world-class food production process but ran its IT platform with on-premises SAP. Once SAP mandated a move to S/4 HANA, the company recognized the need to migrate from its SAP system to Google Cloud to achieve both cost efficiencies and smart data capabilities. Given the company’s reliance on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for invoices, warehouse movements and transfer orders, it was imperative that the migration experienced zero downtime on day one of the completed migration. Rackspace Technology achieved this by breaking down the migration from SAP into multiple phases and providing instant dividends -- all with no business disruption for Mrs. T’s.

“Mrs. T’s needed meticulous planning and flawless execution in order to integrate and operate the new system essentially overnight. Downtime was simply unacceptable and would have severely hurt production,” said Tolga Tarhan, CTO of Rackspace Technology. “Our team knew just how to make this happen, delivering a comprehensive cloud solution that will improve the customer’s business in the short term, and provide a solid foundation for their continued digital transformation down the line.”

Due to Google Cloud Platform’s tools and features, Mrs. T’s leadership team now has access to real-time analytics, accelerating forecasting and improving subsequent outcomes. Optimized trade promotions provide more predictive business intelligence, and a new disaster recovery program ensures Mrs. T’s a more dynamic, reliable technology base.

“While this project started as a mandated technology project, Rackspace’s work really opened up new doors for us to undergo a massive digital transformation,” said Timothy Coyle, Director of Information Systems & Technology at Mrs. T’s Pierogies. “Not only did we migrate to Google Cloud seamlessly, but we were able to retool IT infrastructure that is key to our core business success. Rackspace Technology was a one-stop-shop, a single pane of glass that truly took our technology stack to the next level.”

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About Mrs. T's Pierogies
In 1952, Ted Twardzik Sr. dreamed of starting a food company inspired by his mother's pierogy recipe. He remembered how popular the Polish dumplings were at church festivals and thought people would be excited to purchase them from their local grocery stores year-round. Later that year, Ted sold the very first pierogy samples to his local grocery store in Shenandoah, PA, and to honor his mother Mary Twardzik – the Mrs. T – he called his company Mrs. T's Pierogies. Now, 69 years later, Mrs. T's Pierogies is the largest producer of frozen pierogies in the United States, producing over 600 million pierogies a year.