Onica by Rackspace Technology Achieves the AWS Service Delivery Designation for AWS Glue

Onica by Rackspace Technology Achieves the AWS Service Delivery Designation for AWS Glue

Onica by Rackspace Technology Achieves the AWS Service Delivery Designation for AWS Glue


SAN ANTONIO – November 30, 2022 – Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT)— a leading end-to-end, multicloud technology solutions company, today announced that Onica by Rackspace Technology, the cloud services-focused business group, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Service Delivery designation for AWS Glue. The AWS Glue Service Delivery designation recognizes that Onica by Rackspace Technology has proven success in helping customers discover consulting partners who have the expertise to deliver AWS Glue for data integration, pipeline, and catalogue use cases.

AWS Partners with this designation make it easy for customers to discover, prepare, and combine data for analytics, machine learning, and application development. AWS Glue provides all the capabilities needed for data integration such that customers can start analyzing their data and putting it to use in minutes instead of months. To receive this designation, Amazon Partner Network (APN) members must possess deep AWS experience and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS.

Achieving the AWS Glue Delivery designation differentiates Onica by Rackspace Technology as an APN member that has a deep understanding of AWS Glue, demonstrated experience, and proven customer success. AWS Glue provides both visual and code-based interfaces to make data integration easier. Customers can now quickly locate a Partner with validated expertise in AWS Glue. Additionally, they can check out highlighted customer success stories, solutions, and use cases delivered by these partners as well as the contact info for each partner.

“Onica by Rackspace Technology is proud to receive the AWS Glue Service Delivery designation,” said D K Sinha, President, Public Cloud Business Unit, Rackspace Technology. “From ingestion to pipelines to actionable insights and everything in between, our certified Rackers are dedicated to helping companies achieve their business outcomes by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides.”

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Service Delivery Program to help customers identify APN Consulting Partners with deep experience in delivering specific AWS services.

Using AWS Glue, Onica by Rackspace Technology helps its customers deploy Lake House Architectures on AWS in a scalable, timely, and cost-effective manner. Onica by Rackspace Technology has a proprietary DataOps framework built using AWS services to accelerate data ingestion and transformation using AWS Glue. This combines automation, tooling, and expertise in a unique service model (Rackspace Elastic Engineering) to support a broad range of outcomes including additional cost reduction of processing data while allowing it to be accessible by end customers in near real-time.

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