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Top Ten Cloud Myths, Debunked

Despite the rapid adoption of cloud computing and its positive impact on business, there are still some popular misconceptions around deploying and running applications in the cloud.

Discover these top ten myths, and the facts you need for making an informed decision for your business.

Ten Myths of Cloud Computing

The Cloud Runs Itself

In the cloud, everything from the infrastructure layer upwards can be automated. But you’ll still need people with expertise and understanding to manage the tools involved.

The Cloud is Less Secure

Security risks in the cloud are the same as those faced by traditional IT solutions. But, in the cloud, you and your cloud provider share the security responsibility.

The Cloud is Always Cheaper

It’s not always cheaper to run in the public cloud, but it’s often more cost efficient. If you have multiple servers running 24x7x365, for example, dedicated servers may give you the same compute power, for less.

The Cloud Fits Every Workload

Although every business can benefit from the public cloud, most businesses require a hybrid combination of public, private and dedicated infrastructure.

The Cloud Hurts the Environment

Businesses that run their own data centers often use a lot of power for cooling, lighting and maintenance. But hosting providers like Rackspace continually invest in the latest power-efficient technologies.

Cloud Migration is Difficult

If you’re running outdated servers, some cleansing and architecture revisions may be required. But with the help of an experienced hosting provider, you can migrate seamlessly, with minimal downtime.

The Cloud Costs Jobs

The ever-increasing shift into the cloud has actually created jobs, since it requires a host of cloud-savvy experts, whose skills and knowledge help maintain and strengthen growth and development.

Big Data is No Big Deal

When managed improperly, big data can cripple your storage and systems. But with a structured, cloud-based approach, you can gain valuable insights from your data — giving you a competitive advantage.

Cloud Technology is Too Young

ISACA reports that the cloud is fast approaching maturity, with constant innovation occurring at an ever-increasing pace. Those who harness the cloud now will be first to reap its long-term rewards.

BYOD is Too Expensive

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies don’t require a hefty price tag. The cloud enables secure anywhere, anytime access on any device, without the need to build the infrastructure to support it.

How Rackspace Can Help with Your Cloud Journey

Take your next step into the cloud, with help from Rackspace Professional Services. Our solution engineers have expertise and experience in all the major cloud platforms and technologies — across public, private and dedicated server environments.

We can handle your migration details for you and provide ongoing management and optimization, so you can focus on your core business.

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