Enhance your supply chain and boost your customer experience

Randy Drisgill, Jordan Friedman

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Even before the pandemic struck, the manufacturing industry was facing big challenges. From the need for workflow automation, to increased global competition, many manufacturers have been struggling to keep up with such rapid change.

At the same time, customer expectations continue to evolve and increase. Instant gratification is the standard, and if your digital experience can’t deliver it, consumers will leave to find a business that can.

To help address these demands, manufacturers are looking to transform their approaches to sales, marketing and supply chain management. With the right digital solution, you can create an experience that connects your business, supply partners and channel partners — so you can stay ahead of customer needs, adapt to market trends and make changes that matter most to your customers.


Now is the time to transform

Although the pandemic has caused 55% of surveyed manufacturers to delay their digital transformation and modernization plans by six months or more (Rackspace Technology survey, June 2020), now is not the time to put the brakes on your supply chain modernization initiatives.

By delivering a strong digital customer experience, you can gain a competitive edge during these difficult economic times — an edge that could become the most critical factor in your survival. Customers will remember those companies that came through for them, and those that didn’t.

Take this opportunity to build a dynamic digital experience in which your businesses, supply partners and channel partners all share and collaborate in a transparent manner.


A solution built for manufacturing

Salesforce has built a solution that can transform the way your manufacturing organization does business. With the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, you get the deep visibility you need — across sales agreements, account-based forecasting, CRM, collaboration, analytics and more — so your end-to-end logistics network can create a level of agility that produces higher service levels and lower inventory levels.

And when you use both Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and the Salesforce Work.com solutions, you can also accelerate the safe re-opening of your facilities. Work.com helps you address new workplace challenges, while building trust with your employees and your customers.


Tap into actionable data insights

Businesses are collecting mountainous amounts of data, but few are using that data to make transformative change. Be one that does. With Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, you can make the most of the data currently locked away in your back-office systems and create a real-time, accurate view of account activity. And by integrating it through MuleSoft’s integration platform with API-led connectivity to a production ERP, you can improve forecast accuracy up and down the supply chain.


Salesforce expertise is standing by

With experience implementing Salesforce solutions for over 100 manufacturing customers, Rackspace Technology knows how to apply the power of Salesforce to enhance your supply chain and boost your customer experience.

Let our experts help you re-ignite your transformation and modernization plans. Talk with our Salesforce team to get started.


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