Tech Trends Ebook Q1 2021

The Evolution of People, Process and Technology

We’re back with fresh insights from our panel of top technologists.

The last volume of the Rackspace Technology™ Quarterly Trends Viewpoint covered the impact of automation and the rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). For Volume 3, we’re looking less at the technology “what” and more at people and processes that make up the “how.”

For starters, the cloud conversation has moved from, “What kind of cloud — private or public,” to, “How do we best support the needs of the specific workload in question?” Organizations that are still debating the public vs. private question are likely missing the mark in capturing the true value of cloud.

Along those same lines, as organizations go all in on cloud, IT is no longer the only voice in the conversation. Traditionally, IT was the sole decision maker and manager of enterprise technology. Now, business units outside of IT consume more of the IT budget than IT. Technology purchasing decisions have become more decentralized and low-code/no-code technologies are making it easier for non-technical employees to do very technical things, like deploy complete applications or implement AI and machine learning capabilities.

The emerging landscape has the potential to become a wild west of disparate technologies without properly balancing the relationship between people, technology and processes. Just because sales can build a complex app with a low-code/no-code platform, IT still needs to be responsible for securing and scaling it. Tackling that relationship leads to inevitable questions around ownership and strategy that IT leaders must address.

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Tech Trends Ebook Q1 2021

Tech Trends - The Evolution of People, Process and Technology