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Tired of Navigating Tech Trends and Avoiding the Hype?

Our top technologists share their predictions for upcoming technology trends, and which trends deserve the hype.

Tolga Tarhan / Rackspace Technology

Technology moves fast, and there’s always something new on the horizon that has the potential to change your business. But some buzzy tech trends are just that – buzz, hype – certainly interesting, but with no practical application for most. As a technology leader, you don’t have time for hype. How do you know which trends in tech are worth exploring, and which aren’t worth your time?

How do you know which trends in tech are worth exploring, and which aren’t worth your time?

To help you answer those questions, we’ve launched the Rackspace Technology Trends Viewpoint series. Every quarter, our team of top technologists will publish our collective thoughts on what’s trending in tech. We’ll tell you which trends are worth looking into, which you should discount, and where to focus next.

The theme for the Q3 2020 edition of the Viewpoint series is “Back to the Future.” Download the e-book to learn about two technologies making comebacks after previous peaks in the 90s, and one technology that’s at risk of falling out of favor. 

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