Rackspace Technology Helps JobTarget Improve Online Recruitment and Hiring for Fortune 1000 with AWS

Rackspace Technology Helps JobTarget Improve Online Recruitment and Hiring for Fortune 1000 with AWS

Rackspace Technology Helps JobTarget Improve Online Recruitment and Hiring for Fortune 1000 with AWS

Recruitment Technology Company joined forces with Rackspace to help manage rapid growth with new public cloud infrastructure  

SAN ANTONIO, TX – February 15, 2023Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT), a leading end-to-end, multicloud technology solutions company, recently partnered with JobTarget, a leading job search and recruitment platform, to build and launch a scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, application architecture, and database, with an emphasis on high availability, scalability, performance, security, and cost-effectiveness as key metrics for the future.

JobTarget’s recruitment solutions help Fortune 1000 companies, recruitment agencies, and small businesses improve the recruiting process. The fast-growing platform enables recruiters and hiring managers to execute their recruiting strategies and collaborate efficiently to fill vacancies. The JobTarget platform has a global reach, offering sourcing and recruitment powered by data and analytics.

Over the past decade, JobTarget had developed multiple products using a single C# code base and a Microsoft SQL database with 800+ tables and over 1,500 stored procedures. To allow for growth and maintain performance, JobTarget sought a move to the cloud. However, when the company started building on AWS, it was quickly met with complexities that could slow or delay its migration. After consulting with the JobTarget team, Onica by Rackspace Technology identified gaps and opportunities and provided recommendations built on AWS best practices, account strategy, DevOps, pipeline structure, application architecture and database architecture.

“To become cloud-native, you have to rethink your entire software development strategy,” said Mark Oreta, Chief Technology Officer, JobTarget. “The team at Rackspace Technology did a great job mentoring and guiding us. They could have just told our team what to do, but they truly went above and beyond to help us understand the why.”

During the transition, JobTarget’s business grew 100% in 2021 and then doubled again in 2022. With the support of Rackspace Technology, JobTarget was able to:

  • Design and develop a new, modernized application and database architecture to take advantage of AWS serverless best practices
  • Use domain-driven design (DDD) and Event Storming to create a new, event-driven architecture capable of consuming the largest database resources
  • Migrate existing services and set up new services that aren’t dependent on the main Microsoft SQL database
  • Provide guidance on AWS account structure, DevOps, pipeline structure and AWS best practices enabling JobTarget to build on AWS

“The JobTarget team is now running migration, IT strategy, and operations while maintaining a fruitful relationship with Rackspace Technology,” said Jeff DeVeter, Chief Technology Evangelist, Rackspace Technology. “As a result of our work together, their infrastructure has greater flexibility, costs have decreased, and the team has easy access to our AWS expertise when they need it.”

In addition, JobTarget can more easily pursue innovation initiatives and rapidly bring new features and products to market. Real-time data processing on an event-driven architecture has also created new opportunities to enhance existing data analytics capabilities.

“Rackspace Technology has been an amazing partner in helping us get the most out of our AWS investment,” said Oreta. “They helped us select and implement the right technologies, and with their expertise, we were able to get it right the first time.”

To learn more about the Rackspace Technology and JobTarget partnership, watch their case study video and here.

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